Cosmic Diaries: Virgo Full Moon report

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It is now 7:30 AM in Ratnagiri on the west coast of Maharashtra. I just finished writing this Full Moon report under the light of the setting Full Moon just as the Sun rose on the other side. This is usually part of the subscriber service but given that this is the Virgo Moon of giving selflessly, this is my gift to you. Enjoy!

We leave for Mumbai in about 20 minutes, so catch you later!

Happy Full Moon,

With love,

Priya Kale


Welcome to the Virgo Full Moon as she opposes the Sun in Pisces at 20+ degrees of the axis. At this time the Moon and Sun will trigger the Saturn-Uranus opposition [in Virgo and Pisces] by forming conjunctions to the planets in the respective signs.

If the Sun represents the primary ego and the soul’s personality, in conjunction to Uranus this lunation is opening up a gateway to a higher [cosmic] consciousness. Of course, what happens is also likely to be the last thing you expected, when you least expect it. Uranus has the energy of Prometheus the Awakener. It generally takes something to shock us out of a slumber – there’s a reason alarm clocks don’t play rock-a-bye-baby. If you don’t allow your cage to get too rattled and go with the flow – you could be standing in a divine moment of creation. The revelation of this Full Moon is doubled in its effects with its close conjunction to the Saturn-Uranus opposition bringing us to a personal breakthrough point. We’ve been experiencing this very intense energy in big way since it’s first aspect on Nov. 4, 2009, which brought the economic tsunami. Now with the Full Moon triggering these planets here comes a personal tidal wave, likely to bring many issues to the surface.

As I’ve been saying over and over to everyone today – just remember above all to go with the flow and not get too critical of yourself or others. With the Moon conjunct a retrograde Saturn this is about inner emotional healing and shining a light on where we need to do the healing work. Virgo is the sign that represents service and ‘giving.’ But often we wonder if anyone has any use for what we have to offer. But only the ego needs this to feel important. Ours is not to know the reason ‘why’ we’ve been created a certain way or who if anyone will benefit from what we have to offer. In Virgo we are channeling a greater source of energy that requires us to be dedicated and selfless in sharing eternal Piscean abundance. Work towards the earthly manifestation of a higher purpose as you push past your own emotional boundaries and boundaries of personality and ego, this is about an emotional surrender.

Emotionally with the Moon conjunct Saturn this can be tough – so remember not to be too critical and go easy. The Moon represents the psyche and in conjunction to Saturn can strive towards near impossible perfection of self.
Saturn is retrograde now suggesting an inner restructuring, rebuilding and healing is in effect. Let go of expectations of the fruits of your labor; just do what you need to do with dedication. Criticism only tears holes in the soul, there is no such thing as perfection – but we can strive towards wholeness. Even God is imperfect in his perfection, in this ongoing act of creation of dreaming the cosmic dream. If being yourself means living a passionate life, who are you to deny your soul that experience?

Also at this time Venus is retrograde in Aries awakening an inner core fire. She sextiles Jupiter in Aquarius now, we are reconnecting with the greater collective on a purer level as we are fed by the spirit of the people who make our world. This could present lucky opportunities in love and financial situations allowing us to another shot at a great hope that may have been lost or to connect with a larger community.  Its time now to discover that the love and passion that exists essentially inside and is only fanned by the souls we interact with. In non-attachment only can this fire have room to breathe. Accepting one’s own individuality is key as is learning to love oneself. We are all each unique and absolutely essential to what we bring to this planet. Recognize that and allow yourself to be warmed by that knowledge which can then radiate out from your being.

Also at this time Mercury is very active in the sky bringing communication to the forefront. Mercury is now in Pisces, after being exalted in Aquarius. We’ve been awakened to a higher awareness and now we are being asked to go past the duality of the mind and to work from a single stream of consciousness. Avoid the tendency to escape saying what you need to say. Mercury sextiles Pluto in Capricorn suggesting something of great tangible value can be is a gold mine to be uncovered simply by opening our mouth at the right place at the right time. Its time to speak a soul truth in light of the current revelations, there’s a gem of an idea waiting to be discovered.

Also Mercury opposes Ceres in Virgo; the recent New Moon in Pisces was conjunct this asteroid and since Full Moon’s always bring a completion of a two week cycle, we may now be able to talk about the deeply intuitive feelings that took seed at about that time. There may be genuine feelings of concern regarding the health of a loved one that need to be approached gently. There is a lot of Neptunian activity in the sky, along with Chiron and of course the Sun and Uranus in Pisces – it is possible issues surrounding addictions or alcohol abuse. Be honest and compassionate as you approach these issues and if it is you that needs help don’t be afraid to ask for it.

Mercury sextiles Asbolus at this time; Asbolus is the planet whose energy represents that of a “survivor;” heavily aspected in a chart it represents incredible stories of ‘survival against the odds’ as noted by Eric Francis. We could be having life changing conversations now. With mercury also sextiling Pluto at this time, this a transformation that can happen to the core releasing old demons for something more solid to make its way. Communications we have now are laying the foundations for the future so act and speak with awareness of what you are trying to create. As I’ve mentioned earlier Fate and Free Will  exist in the duality of the mind, now we need to be acting according to a ‘Universal’ or God’s will.

Also at this time poignantly Pallas forms a T-square to the lunation as she squares the Sun and Moon from Gemini. Make sure you are communicating from the wisdom of highest self – from Logos that cuts through duality by being able to see both sides of the story. With Pallas in Gemini it is important to keep a check on our defensiveness and especially ones own double standards. Look at your own hypocrisy but don’t get too critical of it, rather use this as an opportunity to rise above it. It is important to remember Sagittarius the sign opposite the T-square again suggesting wisdom and the ability to be philosophical will balance the tendency to be defensive.

Remember Venus is sextile Jupiter – if you what you say you want is more love in your life or more financial success right now it can only come from being able to see above the nit-picky energy at the bigger picture and greater altruistic dream that fuels the heart. This is a powerful Full Moon and we can’t really know what will wash up on our shore, but as usual awareness is key, as is the ability to be honest with oneself. Expect the unexpected and be willing to go with the flow, we are irrigating the soul to bring something divine to life. In Virgo, the Moon represents an aspect of the Virgin Mother birthing the light of the Pisces Sun or Christ Consciousness.

What is your soul bringing to light?

— Priya Kale, Mar. 10, 2009, Virgo Full Moon

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