Virgo Moon…

It’s a relatively quiet sky over the next few days through the weekend. The Moon is now in Virgo pushing us to get organized with tasks if we want to manifest the visions of this New Moon.

On Friday evening in New York, Mercury trines the Great Attractor. On Saturday  it will oppose Psyche, while the Sun trine Juno in Aries. Important conversations will require us to be honest now (which should be a standard enough rule for all communication) but in Leo the need to speak from the heart is greater, than allowing pride or ego to stand in the way.

An understanding can be reached now regarding a polarizing subject, allowing us a glimpse of what the future could be like if we dared imagine it. As it opposes Psyche, we may finally be able to get past the sense of a wound that won’t heal or a deeper reflection of what it is that truly pains us.

On Sunday, the Sun in Leo trines Juno in Aries, igniting playful passion within relationships. Also With Venus’ recent square to Saturn, relationships and financial situations have felt the most strain. But as Venus trines Jupiter and Chiron late Sunday early Monday in the US, this could be just the breath of fresh air and hope we need.

I’ll be back with horoscopes and more over the weekend… I know this time has been rougher for some than others, but we do live in a kind Universe. People talk of finding and losing their faith, but to me faith is like breath. We don’t have to do anything about it, only become aware of it and it’s incessant and inherent presence.

— Priya Kale, NYC


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Today from Painted Soul :

“I have been doing a great deal of learning (and un-learning) about healing, about what it is and what it is not. And the Navajo understanding of healing affirms the notions I have about Life, healing and the spiritual journey, that it’s not so much about “finding something,” or necessarily about losing something (although it is, but much more). No, I am learning that healing (a foundation of the spiritual life and journey) is more about Unfolding, like roses in bloom. And we are all like roses, my little ones, beautiful, thorny roses.

“You see roses already ARE the Beauty of their blooms even when they are seedlings, or empty thorny stems pruned for greater growth. And so too it is with us: we already are the Beauty of God as much in our darkness and woundedness as we are when we are in full bloom: brilliant, scented and full of wonder.”

— Niles Comer

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