Virgo New Moon report

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“This New Moon takes place on Sep. 18, 2009, at 2:44 PM EDT  at 25+ Virgo, forming a near exact conjunction [only minutes past] to Saturn at 25+ degrees of the sign. Also, Mercury and Pallas are in Virgo at 29+ degrees and 23+ degrees forming a stellium with the New Moon and Saturn. This lunation also opposes Uranus in Pisces triggering the recent Saturn-Uranus opposition.

“At the time of a New Moon, when we have no light at night we have to go deeper into the psyche to find our inner sense of direction. In Virgo this can give rise to a lot of nervous energy or anxiety. But there something is solidifying in the dark now, seeding new life in the face of extreme unpredictability. Uranus in Pisces is opening up the boundless and to venture deep requires courage. It may feel like being in the eye of the storm of but there is the opportunity to anchoring oneself before setting sail on uncharted waters…

“We stand in a moment of solidification of an eternal dream and what we need most now is faith and integrity even in the midst of stormy weather. Find that point of center and release your self from self-critical tendencies, worry and anxiety. No matter how shaky things seem, the ground beneath our feet is solid…” — Priya Kale, Virgo New Moon report, Sep. 18, 2009. Read Full Report.

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