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Dear Friends and Readers,

We are now coming down from the energy of a beautiful Full Moon in Taurus and the Moon is now Gemini. This should make it easier to find words to the intense emotions we may have been feeling. With Neptune casting its cloud, squaring the lunation, it may have been hard to tell which way to turn. Yesterday’s prank played by the Yes Men in New York was a classic example of this energy.

But now the fog is lifting and late tomorrow around 10 PM here in NYC the Moon will conjunct Pallas in Gemini and trine the triple conjunction [Neptune, Chiron and North Node] in Aquarius. This should bring much clarity to something has cast an invisible spell making the road ahead seem a blur. Now we can find a way to express those heated emotions in a calm, cooler, way that awakens us to the truth of a situation, showing us the direction we need to move in next. Likely this is one that resonates with the awakening collective consciousness. In conjunction to Pallas, it is important we rise above base emotional instinct and communicate from a place of higher wisdom. Watch out for defensiveness, but be willing to stand up for what you know is truth.

Over the weekend we have a big shift coming up as Mars finally leaves Scorpio and enters Sagittarius to join Pluto. Now with this final transit of Pluto in Sagittarius things are likely to get really intense from here on out. Mars is only adding to this intense hunger for release from the past. We are in this last period of molting and shedding skin before we emerge into a new incarnation.

The quest for the truth taking on a rapidly escalating pace and there is likely to be a sharp unbearable urgency in the air over the next few weeks. It is important that we pace ourselves and focus on what we are trying to build and what it is that we are leaving behind.

Only a couple of hours before Mars changes signs, Mercury in Scorpio trines Uranus in Pisces opening up a flow of communication. A sensitive conversation can take place now if we are willing to open up to the depth of feeling arising. There is a deeply penetrative and intuitive quality to this energy, but also one that can open up doors to almost telepathic, psychic communication. If we dare to voice some of more hidden desires we may even be pleasantly surprised with the response. No matter what happens a bit of unexpected news is on the way, and if we are willing to be open we may finally be able to get to the heart and soul of a deeply personal matter

Over the weekend Venus [now in Capricorn] trines Vesta forms a grand earth trine to Vesta in Taurus, Ceres in Virgo as she conjuncts Juno in Capricorn. This is a hugely powerful aspect, with all the four goddess figures in a solid earthy trine speaking of a solid abundance available and waiting to be mined. Venus speaks of our relationships as well as finances that have recently been through the point of no return as she conjuncted Pluto last week. Now we are standing on much more stable ground. With passion, dedication, integrity we can create lasting partnerships that hold untold buried treasures.

As Venus conjuncts Juno relationships can reach a new depth of intimacy, if we make the effort to understand where another is coming from. Lasting value, genuine support and love count for more than a flash in the pan, passionate affair that only leaves us with an unfulfilled longing. In Capricorn, this is about more than just a superficial socially acceptable, its being able to connect with a sense of purpose to build something of real value.

On Saturday the Moon enters Cancer and this is going to increase our craving for comfort and emotional security. After all the recent intensity, this would be a nice weekend to snuggle in with some chicken soup and people that warm your soul.

Have a great weekend and I’ll catch you back on Monday.

— Priya Kale, NY


The above photo is part of a series shot by Samantha Lowe, a photographer, reader and client, for a personal project. Thanks Sam!


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