Weekly Horoscope for the Week till Monday Dec. 22, 2008

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A recent conversation may have fired your imagination, giving you the courage to take a bold leap into the unknown. You reach another turning point this week, when some of your crazy ideas finally begin to make sense. You are being shown a very practical way to achieve the success you dream of. It will take dedication and hard work but that’s never been your concern. As you enter this new phase, recognize please the importance of balancing your work and your daily life. Your tangible success is imminent, but there is so much more to your dreams than just that.


You may feel like you are taking an earth-shaking leap of faith within a creative, financial or sexual situation. You may wonder if your dreams have any base in reality. But if you can resist criticism, buckle down and be true to your passion, your horizons are opening up wide. You are who you are and this is what the world and at least one other person admire about you. Your coming adventure is about to take you to a place high in the mountains, through the valleys of your soul, all the way to that tangible peak of plenty you yearn for. If it feels like an air of destiny, you’re on the right track.


A situation may have erupted, forcing you to take a serious look at everything you take for granted within your most personal agreements. Everything seems unfamiliar and you may feel like you don’t know where you are headed. Take your time and ask yourself if those voices of ‘concern’ are someone else’s fears rather than your own, particularly authority figures. Let go of superficial values and unnecessary worry, you have more support than you realize. You may feel like a part of you has died but you are rebuilding your identity, indeed you could say this is a resurrection.


You know there is a conversation you need to have this week and you may be overwhelmed by the details.  It may seem to you like your aspirations are too far out there and just a little out of reach, but avoid your critical tendencies and need for control. Balance between the part that longs for freedom and the part that needs everything perfectly in order. There is at least one person in your life that is offering you the kind of support you have always wanted and valued. Focus on this commitment and then let your inspiration soar.


I was talking to a Leo friend yesterday and I asked her how life was treating her. “You know Priya, it’s a feast or famine and right now it’s a feast.” I would guess that’s something about how you feel at the moment. There is a surge of wild passion welling up within you like few other times in your life. Be it your love life, creative ideas, or simply love of life it may be confusing to choose from the opportunities in front of you for adventure. Remember what you are seeking is not just hooking up with a moment of pleasure, but connecting on a level that fans the flames in your heart and soul. Seek that which you deeply value, no matter how wild a dream. You are reaching a point where dreams can indeed fuse into reality by your ability to have faith.


There has been pressure mounting to be free of a difficult situation in your inner life that has brought an ambition into focus. You have been through a process of slowly restructuring your life, and a recent risk you’ve taken may have felt like jumping off a cliff. Trust this leap of faith, if you notice you are not only on firm ground but perched on a height. If you can keep sight of your altruistic vision, you can manifest it successfully. I suggest you be creative now in using the resources available to you. Be willing to break down tradition in favor of a better way of doing things — indeed being. Your can now create your reality based on a steady dedication to your passion.


You are likely to be in the midst of important conversations right now that are requiring you to re-examine your core foundations and the agreements you have with the people closest to you. I suggest you be honest now about a dream you’ve long held in your heart. It seems as if people and at least one important partner are listening and there can now be greater understanding. Focus on a dream you have long held in your heart, the one that allows each person more space to be him or herself. Your clarity of vision is finally seeping through and it may even feel like fate. If you can stop worrying about how you are going to make all the changes you see ahead of you, you will see you are well supported.


An important conversation has forced you to take a closer look at your life asking you what you want out of one personal situation. Do you know what you want? Or do you only ‘think’ you know what you want based on what you ‘think’ is possible? As you leave the past behind, this is a time for you to experiment wildly with your ideas and recognize the power of your thoughts to manifest and create your reality. The choices you make in the coming weeks are going to be a part of your life for a while to come. So be true to yourself, choose wisely and with faith. There is something you want that you can hardly deny now and which, if you seek, may hold the key to your heart’s desire.


You’ve been under a tremendous amount of pressure lately to figure out how you feel about a certain partnership. I suggest you go slowly with this process of understanding, who and what you value the most in your life, particularly your ideas about your own self worth. Your choices need to be based on faith in your own abilities, rather than the fear of a negative expectation of falling short. No matter what emotional or financial insecurities you are battling, you have more stability right now professionally than you can imagine. Your financial stability really should not be a concern, focus on your creative ideas and vision, for there lays your path to success; that and your steady determination and dedication.


An important conversation or piece of information has made its way into your life rearranging your understanding of a particular situation. I suggest you go slowly in wrapping your head around this, indeed this is more of a process where you let go of old ideas and reconfigure new ones. There are changes that need to be made within your daily life. It may yet take a leap of faith for you to discover you stand on solid ground. If you keep a perspective on your aspirations this week, you will see not only are these real, tangible and attainable but you have the support of an important partner who believes in you and is able to see the world through your eyes.


You may be deeply questioning the future of an important friendship you share with someone. It seems you want more freedom of expression, but are unsure about how another person feels. How about you leave their feelings up to them and focus on deconstructing those voices in your head. For all the resistance you are encountering, whether you can see it or not at least one person has deep faith in your potential. Focus on loving yourself right now and you can attract into your life the kind of freedom you are looking for. You are looking good to a many people right now and your creative vision is lighting the way to your destiny.


Recent events have caused you to examine your commitment or arrangement within at least one friendship or relationship. I suggest you not start doubting everything you know or throw out the rulebook just yet. But you are transitioning now from a phase of envisioning your dreams and presenting them to the world, to making connections with the people who can help you manifest these into a solid community. Have faith in what you can see so clearly now. It will take more adjustment and patience, but even you know what you are building is not something that will happen overnight. Trust also that the pillars forming your foundations are already in place.

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