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The Weekly Horoscopes have been updated early to the site this week… Here is the sample horoscope for this week in honor of Taurus birthdays for the week beginning May 16, 2009.

Enjoy your weekend, I hope to enjoy mine…

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Your ruler Venus has taken you through the depths of your soul in a way that you haven’t dared venture in a while. Although you aren’t completely out of the shadows yet, you’ve past a turning point and something in your heart is sure now. Hopefully you’ve recognized the depth of your own power and its potential to affect a greater world with its message of hope and awareness. This has never been about your ego, but simply about what you have to offer. Sometime towards the end of this week you seem to have a date with destiny. Don’t be afraid to communicate clearly and ask for what you want and more importantly for what you KNOW you are worth. As long as you keep awareness of your noblest aspirations and deepest values you can’t go wrong.

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