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The Weekly Horoscopes for the Week of Aug. 22, 2009 have been updated to the site. Please read below for this weeks sample Horoscopes for the earth signs as the Sun prepares to ingress Virgo tomorrow. Also here’s a link to one of my favorite poems by Niles, recently posted on Painted Soul — ‘Dreams of Mercy’

Meanwhile, Nadine’s neighbor just invited us out sailing on his friends Sailboat, so I’m looking forward to the sunshine and waves! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend wherever you are…




Sample Weekly Horoscopes for the Week beginning Aug. 22, 2009 by Priya Kale



No doubt you can feel the changes taking place in your life. But no matter what you fear, you are moving towards a place of greater safety and comfort. A partner is going through massive emotional changes and may be feeling just a little raw and uprooted from their recent struggle. Recognize the leap of faith that needs to be taken here if you want healing. You will have to be bold if you want to find the true inner warmth you seek. An important conversation will require rise above your insecurities to speak for what is true. Resentment never resolved anything. See what you can do to bring objectivity to a situation and recognize what is truly important. It involves love and love never came without its risks.

2009 Horoscope MID YEAR SALE| Weekly Horosocopes | Personal Consultation

The Sun moves into your sign this week and your ruler is in a powerful grand cross in the cardinal signs. Work now on confronting your deepest fears surrounding an creative or sexual partnership. This is more of an internal resolution for you to find your own power in a situation rather than feel pressured into doing something you don’t want to do. You have the power to turn this all around if you can find what is truly important to you and be willing to communicate it. Indeed you might find yourself saying the same things over and over, over the coming weeks. But keep a level head, be fair, honest and truthful and you will make great strides in readdressing a crucial balance within yourself.

2009 Horoscope MID YEAR SALE| Weekly Horosocopes | Personal Consultation


A partnership situation is heating up asking you to boldly go where you have not gone before. When it comes to intimacy, sex and finances you are known to be ferocious but you are now being asked to step further out of your comfort zone. You may fear that depth of your own feelings or desire will get the better of you. It can’t unless you feel the need to control everything – and everyone. No one has tasted ecstasy without the thrill of a passionate surrender. Be patient in your communication over the coming weeks. You can be the calm voice of reason while forming partnerships that can set your heart and pocketbook racing in the right direction.

2009 Horoscope MID YEAR SALE| Weekly Horosocopes | Personal Consultation


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