World Cup Cricket 2011 Final: India vs. Sri Lanka

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(I don’t generally make “sports” predictions but I simply cannot resist taking a stab at this so here goes. And for those not interested in Cricket you can skip this Blog entirely.)


It’s April. 2, 2011 as I write this and we’re 45 min away from the World Cup Cricket Finals between India and Sri Lanka here in Mumbai at the Wankhede stadium. Needless to say this is cricket fever mayhem at its highest pitch!

India beat Pakistan in a stunning much anticipated Semi-Final match on Wednesday. For anyone who knows and watches cricket (I am aware my fellow American’s aren’t familiar with it) that is ‘war’ on the cricket field. It would be safe to say hardly anyone in two nations worked on that day.

I watched the first innings with my family and the second innings with my friends. By the second innings even I was in disbelief at the psychic roll I was on – I called every wicket within 2 minutes of it occurring and even managed to predict to the minute the match would end with Pakistan being all out.

Of course I am writing this after the fact, so it’s all in hindsight but it was a night to remember no doubt.

I’ve looked at the charts for today and to be honest both the captains have pretty good transits for the day. I predict India will win (and no doubt I am biased) but that is based on an intuitive feel more than my astrological reasoning.

But I figured I’d give it a fair unbiased astrological investigation. So here goes…

Astrologically Sangakarra (captain of Sri Lankan Captain) has Mars trine his natal Mars and MC today, which could very well be a sure shot at his target. He’s going for it. But then Indian Captain Dhoni is having a Venus return in Pisces – a shimmering feel good aspect and if he’s feeling good, likely India will be too.

What’s unpredictable about this game is Mars has just entered Aries, and is approaching a conjunction to Uranus. Soon the Moon moves through Pisces and enters Aries at 4:45 PM INT, conjuncts Mars at 5:12 PM INT and Uranus at 7:14 PM.

As the Moon enters Aries and touches Mars you can be sure things will be heated and the conjunction to Uranus should bring brilliance and unpredictable surprises. If Sachin makes it past 7:14 PM INT (the danger zone,) looking at his transits I wouldn’t be too surprised if he got his century and should remain in the game at least until 9:15 PM INT if not longer.

As I write this – Sri Lanka has just won the toss and elected to bat. It’s 2:01 PM as I write this and the Moon is in late Pisces and void of course.

Decisions made under a void of course Moon generally bear no fruit, this didn’t seem like a promising start or too auspicious an omen for whichever team would have won the toss – in this case Sri Lanka.

Given all the aspects today it could surely be anyone’s game, the future’s not ours to see… But the energy is hot and electric and if I had to make a prediction – it would be a victory for India. (This is knowing I am invested.) But regardless of what happens its going to be a match to remember. May the better team win…

— Priya Kale, Mumbai, April 2, 2011, 2:11 PM INT

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