“IX_XI Memorium: Ars Gratis et Humanis”

Dear Friends and Readers,

It’s been another long intense day and seems like that’s the story for everyone lately. I’ll have more for the blog tomorrow as Pluto stations direct — you can read more about that in the blog below this one.

Also, given that it is the anniversary of the day that changed our world as we know it, here is God speak from Niles Comer… [You can read more from his soul, here at Painted Soul.]

With warm love,



“IX_XI Memorium: Ars Gratis et Humanis”

The world is hemorrhaging…God has let the earth
bleed again.
The ground is soaked red with the cries and
of many who have fallen,
many who have flown.
Many are laden and weary,
many have grown and been stretched and
many have been planted – deep into the
earth and more so into our memories.
Many are still here.
God has set the world spiraling on a
Beautiful Edge.
And I see the world spinning by
out of my hands. Out of control.
Out of kilter. Out in the wilderness…
to learn lessons of bittersweet confusion and love.
God has let us roam feral in our dark gardens,
digging up the deepest places to find our home,
our truth,
& to learn that Love is a beautiful chaos, a spiritual homecoming,
a poem in the making: logos at work.
It is now that we realize we merely scrape by
along the edges when we try and live, and pray;
mere children searching along
the fringes of our existence
to find words to bleed onto the
pages of the flesh we still cling to…
trying to make sense, trying to make…just trying.
This ritual of poetic prayer is what the
living do, a sort of bloodletting, a sort of prayer.
Some days it is the only prayer that can be uttered…
Praying to be a letter opened.  The message: Live.
God has let the world bleed again at the Borderlands
so that we may find the words – the Word – to
bleed truth on to the aging pages of our souls,
and live out our cries of anguish and joy to God.

— Niles U. Comer

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