2010 Annual Horoscopes Special Offer

Dear Friends and Readers,

Given the powerful astrology we stand in, I’m offering a discount on the regular price for 2010 Annual Horoscopes. I did this last week, but had a few requests to extend the offer, so here it is again through this weekend. If you haven’t purchased yours already do so now.

As Jupiter enters Aries and the Grand Cross aligns over the next few months, this is due to bring solid significant change in all our lives. See what it means for you.

Or schedule a Personal Consultation for an in-depth personalized look at your chart.

Thank you,


Cosmic Diaries 2010 Annual Horoscopes – All 12 Signs – $45.00 (Reg. $60)

Cosmic Diaries 2010 Annual Horoscopes – Any 2 Signs  – $25.00 (Reg. $33)

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