Mars opposite Neptune; Sun opposite Great Attractor; Pisces Moon reaches Last Quarter

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It’s been a strange few days in the cosmos with life taking on an almost surreal flavor. With the Mars-Neptune opposition today (at 2:10 PM EDT,) expect this energy to peak. A couple of hours later the Gemini Sun opposes the Great Attractor and the Pisces Moon reaches Last Quarter at 6:12 PM EDT.

Anytime Mars opposes Neptune there is there is generally a sense of fog, confusion and sometimes even the danger of deception. But more often than not we tend to fool ourselves with the things we would like to believe. The aspect is encouraging us to go past the sense of disillusionment, fears, doubt and fog to seek clarity.

There could even be a feeling of being starry eyed but it may be scary to hope. Be discerning and yet unafraid. At best, the aspect could fire up the imagination and allowing us to gain a new depth of insight of our souls passion and desires. So be honest with about both – your hopes and fears.

As the Sun opposes the Great Attractor, expect to have a few important conversations where the truth could come spilling out. Although, with the Mars Neptune aspect culminating as well, beware of polarizing a situation by projecting fears, insecurities or taking things the wrong way.

Avoid misunderstandings and ego flare-ups by staying in check of your own ego and truth. If we are honest, we could have conversations that may shatter a few illusions but will ultimately pave the way for greater healing and clarity.

Mars is now at the end of a long transit in Leo, asking us to remember the lessons of self-confidence, compassion and forgiveness towards oneself and others as we move forward.

It may feel like not knowing which way to turn given the days aspects. As the Pisces Moon squares the Sun we are turning a corner. It may feel like reaching an inner understanding of something that can be felt and understood, even if it can’t be put into words.

Trust your intuition to guide you forth. As the fog dissipates over the weekend, we can have another try at important conversations bringing greater clarity and understanding.

— Priya Kale, NYC


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