Mercury sesquiquadrate Pluto; Moon opposes Mars, conjuncts Neptune

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Thursday morning in the US and UK, Mercury in Taurus sesquiquadrates Pluto in Capricorn. An important conversation you have or a valuable piece of information could indeed change everything.

The aspect is asking that we stay in the present reality with situations, looking honestly at what needs to change. It may seem like we are dealing with authority figures with more power or control in a situation. But stick to facts, find your self-esteem and you can shift something.

This aspect also triggers the upcoming Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn less than a month away on June 26, 2010. So pay close attention to what surfaces today, we are getting a solid clear understanding of what needs to evolve.

This particular Eclipse is due to bring a landslide of changes in the world as well as our personal worlds. At this time the Moon will conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, with the Sun in opposition completing the near exact Grand Cross alignment.

The choices we are making now have the potential to carry us far into the future. What will be imperative at this time is the ability to be fluid and let go of a dying past to make space for the future.

Currently the Moon is in Aquarius approaching an opposition to Mars in Leo and conjunction to Neptune, exact early Thursday. Watch those emotions and ego.

There’s plenty firing up our insecurities at this time and with Mars nearing in opposition to Neptune tomorrow (Friday) there is plenty of mistrust, doubt, fog and resentment in the air. Do your best to seek clarity and truth. This begins by being very honest with one’s self, even if it means admitting we don’t know. At best this could be a soulful realization of one’s passion and truth.

As the Moon moves into Pisces at 1:33 PM EDT Thursday, expect the energy to soften. The Pisces Moon will square the Sun in Gemini tomorrow as the Mars-Neptune opposition exacts bringing us to a turning point and a place of deeper understanding of all that seems so cloudy right now.

— Priya Kale, NYC


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