“That which never diminishes…” & the Aries New Moon + Horoscopes (Video)

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Aries New Moon + Horoscopes – Video


Greetings all!

We’re past the Aries New Moon, the Sun is in Taurus and not a moment too soon in my opinion…)

Before I get into the astrology, for those of you waiting for your 2015-2016 and beyond Horoscopes, here is an update. For those of you who have not ordered your Horoscopes yet, this is your final chance to pre-order them before their release and receive a special offer (details will also be sent to Cosmic Diaries members.)

Very significantly today is Akshaya Tritiya, (“that which never diminishes”) as per the Vedic LuniSolar calendar.

This is considered one of the 3 ½ most auspicious days of the year, due to the strength of astrological placements of the planets. Due to their astrological significance, you don’t need an astrologer to cast an election as they are considered Universally auspicious.

I spoke at SOTA’s astrology conference last year about these 3 ½ Days and their astrological, mythological significance and how you can apply the knowledge practically in your life for spiritual and material growth.

You can now purchase a recording of the 45 minute lecture “East meets West”, un-edited, here at this link or at the button below. (You will be emailed your password and a link to the audio file (downloadable) within 2-24 hours of purchase. I’ve been meaning to upload this for a while now, and given the occassion, I figured now was the perfect time.)

For more details on SOTA, and or if you would like to attend this year — here’s a link.

A1962857_10152349813810706_8827603517467785600_nkshaya Tritiya usually occurs on the third day after the Aries New Moon each year – when the Sun and Moon are exalted as per the sidereal zodiac. It is said what is initiated on this day, “never diminishes;” and it’s considered an auspicious day to get married and or to start any new venture.

So what do you want to initiate today, that you would like to grow flourish and be a lasting influence in your life? Pay attention to the seeds you are planting, nothing is too great or too small.

The recent Aries New Moon at 28+ Aries on April 18, 2015 at 6:56 PM UT, occurred heels of the recent very potent Eclipse season.

Over the past two weeks, since the Libra Lunar Eclipse we’ve seen revelations spill over in the light of relationships that have acted as a mirror, showing us the imbalances that need to be addressed so we can restore a sense of harmony and peace.

A New Moon is always a time to go inward to seek insight. In Aries, the sign that represents the ‘self’ this is a time for introspection, asking you to get in touch with the One indivisible inner reality.

Also Pluto stationed retrograde on the 17th asking us to confront demons and release fear. As much as there is a sense of being in the dark, Aries is about “being,” rather than doing. Uranus in the sign speaks of a personal revolution and liberation; asking you to free yourself to be and live more authentically. Whatever you need to change in your world now, you can. But the change begins with you.

And as Mars’ trine to Pluto coming up on Apr. 23, 2015 – you could move mountains. And with Venus in Gemini moving to a sextile with Jupiter you do have luck on your side. But still Venus is in Gemini, so make sure you know what you want first. When in doubt listen

I’ll be back with more astrology and updates soon, but in the meanwhile, here’s the video I recorded on the day of the Aries New Moon, covering in brief the New Moon energy and short Horoscopes for the 12 signs.

To read more about this New Moon in detail and my detailed interpretation of the aspects coming up as we move through the end of April – you can sign up here for the Cosmic Diaries subscriber service.

Your subscriptions help keep this Blog, videos and work alive. I’m grateful for your support and I wish you a very happy Akshaya Tritiya…

With love,



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