Monthly Horoscopes: May 2015


Sample Monthly Horoscopes: May 2015 [Scorpio Full Moon]

— by Priya Kale

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Aries. Illustration by Arun Kale ARIES

“The Scorpio Full Moon is bringing an important financial, sexual (or both) partnership to light; and a situation is evolving deeply, showing you your power in it. Avoid being stubborn, but dig deep for your values. It will require honest open communication — especially with those you share your home heart or finances with…” Read Full Horoscope



” As you enter May, a powerful Full Moon in your opposite sign is bringing all your one-to-one relationships to light. Whatever is unfolding on the surface in a financial situation or your relationships, it comes down to your self-esteem, values and recognising what is valuable about you beyond your material assets…”Read Full Horoscope



“You’re in an introspective phase; being drawn inward on a soul-search. But with your ruler Mercury is in your sign it might even feel a little like you’re walking between two worlds. Also Full Moon early in the month is highlighting a work or health matter, asking you to get real with yourself about the changes taking place and those you know need to happen…” Read Full Horoscope.


“A Scorpio Full Moon early in the month, marks a social time for you bringing important friendships, as well as your deeper desires to light. You’re making connections that could further your goals. But who are your friends? What do you value in a friendship? And what do you need to feel loved, appreciated and seen?…” Read Full Horoscope.


“All eyes are on you and you have a tremendous opportunity this month to make solid progress with an ambition or professional goal. But early in the month, the Scorpio Full Moon in your 4th House is drawing your attention to a domestic matter or situation. There could be old insecurities surfacing, but you are protected and this is your chance to move past them and rise to the occasion…” Read Full Horoscope.



“You’re focused on a professional situation this month, with opportunities coming your way that could put you on the road to success. But what does success mean to you? And who defines your success? Early in the month the Scorpio Full Moon is bringing you to a vantage point and huge revelations about the road ahead of you….” Read Full Horoscope.



” The Scorpio Full Moon early in the month is highlighting a financial or sexual (or both) commitment, as well as your blood-ties. You may not see yourself as the one in control — but you do have a choice in this situation. And it’s important you make wise choices; rather than out of fear, pain anger, resentment or in trying to unconscious control or cling…” Read Full Horoscope.



“A Full Moon in your sign early in the month is putting you in the spotlight, asking you to get real with yourself and recognise your power and opportunity to make a real difference in a professional or personal relationship. It all comes down to your ability to negotiate important arrangements now so they work for the greatest good and everybody’s benefit…” Read Full Horoscope.



“A Full Moon early in the month, may trigger deep insecurities about the way forward and a feeling of being in the dark. Have faith, as long as you are doing the work that aligns most deeply with your soul you will be guided. Your journey is your destination…” Read Full Horoscope.




“The Scorpio Full Moon is revealing an important truth to you about yourself, which might come in the light of a friendship or aspirations that are changing, asking you to dig deeper within yourself and your heart. You’ve changed a lot over the past years, but it has all led up to this moment — which really is a return to yourself and the core of who you are…” Read Full Horoscope.



“A Full Moon in your 10th House suggests there are changes taking place professionally, that could elevate you to a whole new level. You’ve carved out a niche for yourself — you needn’t be too shy to own it and show the world what you’re made of. But be humble, patient, remain grounded then you can truly recognise your power and authority in a situation…” Read Full Horoscope.

Pisces. Illustration by Arun Kale.

“A conversation you have early in the month, around the time of the Full Moon is bringing you huge and important revelations, asking you to be patient and keep your perspective on all thats unfolding. You’re being revealed the way forward in a situation; keep sight of the big picture and you can aid a process and make solid progress…” Read Full Horoscope.



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