All Things Great and Small: Virgo New Moon, Navratri, Equinox, Jupiter opposes Uranus, Pluto stations direct, and, and, and…

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Dear Friends,

We’re in a brand new Virgo New Moon cycle, with the Moon currently in Libra, and the Sun in its final days in Virgo, moving to the Libra Equinox on Sep. 23, 2017.

The first day after this New Moon also marks the first day of Navratri, (Nav-ratri = nine-nights) when the Goddess Kali/Durga fought the demons for nine-days and nine-nights to restore the balance of the forces of dark and light. The tenth day of the lunar cycle is celebrated as Vijayadashmi (Vijaya-victory; Dashami – tenth day) when the Goddess emerged victorious.

So it is above, below, and within. At the time of the Equinox, the days and nights are of equal lengths, and we are undergoing a similar sacred process in our individual lives, and selves, to find balance, restore harmony, inner peace and equilibrium within.

At the time of the New Moon: Mercury was opposite Neptune, Venus entered Virgo, (hot on the heels of Mars, Mercury, and the Sun) and will meet Mars in conjunction for the first time in two years at the time of the Full Moon. All the activity in Virgo suggests a busy couple of weeks ahead; a process is heating up and gaining momentum.

But first, very significantly and perhaps the biggest development occurs as Jupiter (at the end of its transit in Libra,) opposes Uranus in Aries on Sept, 28, 2017, the same day as Pluto stations direct in Capricorn.

Here’s an excerpt from the report for the Virgo New Moon: Sept. 20 – Oct. 6, 2017:

(You can read the full report at this link by making a one-time purchase, or signing up for a One Week FREE TRIAL. This is a detailed report covering aspects until the Aries Full Moon on Oct. 6, 2017.)

“There are unexpected, life-changing developments unfolding, offering a chance for massive breakthroughs. It’s the end of an era, but there’s everything to hope for, and nothing to fear. Trust, whatever unfolds is ultimately freeing you to pursue a soul calling.

“You will need a plan, and might not have all the answers. Things are up in the air, but take things a day at a time, and be flexible as the next steps are revealed. Even if something seems like a mammoth task, focus on daily progress, rather than worry about the finish line and you can get there.

“It will take time, dedication, hard work, and devotion to bring a dream to life. But if you’re working towards something that you care about and fulfills you deep in your soul then that is a life well spent.

“The Virgo New Moon cycle is a reminder: you are not the doer. You are a vessel (Virgo), for a divine life force (Pisces) which flows through you. And this is the process at work within you. The best you can do is get your ego out of the way, and “purify” the vessel — by taking care of your health (mind, body, spirit), and through selfless service or ‘seva’.

Move in awareness. Be optimistic but let go of expectations – for better or worse. The greater your ability to surrender in faith, to the divine unseen force that governs your existence — the more profound will be your experience of expansion and liberation. Be open to grace, then watch a natural process unfold more beautifully, magically, and perfectly than you could imagine.”

No matter how small or insignificant you might feel in the face of all that is unknown, and looms large (personally, and on a collective, global, and humanitarian level,) your sheer existence suggests, you have an integral part to play in what’s unfolding.

Have faith in divine unseen plan, and the sacred forces at work within and around you. There’s something sacred, birthing through the chaos. See the beauty in all things great and small, and beauty is what you will find. In giving, you will receive.

With love and blessings,

Priya Kale


I arrived in Mumbai, India yesterday just as the Virgo New Moon aligned. I’m settling in and if all goes to plan, God willing, I will be living and working here for the next few months. I am available for Consultations via Skype at this time, so if you need to schedule one please email me at and we can set something up. I would love to work with you!

Astrology Consultations with Priya

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