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Hello All,

Late Friday marked a powerful Full Moon in Aries. Now the Moon is in Taurus, the Sun is in Scorpio, and the mystery deepens.

Here is the a link to this week’s podcast with Scott on the BSFollmer show. (I forgot to post the link for last week‘s show, but here it is now anyway.)

In the meanwhile, here is an excerpt from the Aries Full Moon report that describes the Mars-Uranus aspect aligning today…

Have a magical Sunday!




Aries Full Moon report

An Excerpt ==

“As Mars trines Uranus on Sunday Oct. 24, 2010, it may feel like gates opening to the unknown and not knowing if the road leads to heaven or to hell. But the trine suggests that this is a positive thing. If we aren’t attached to the form  something takes, we may just be pleasantly surprised. There may be sudden changes and quick decisions to be made that will require deep faith and courage, but then as someone dear always says to me, “Courage comes after fear.”

“This is deeply sexual, creative, intimate and fertile energy and is likely to get rather seductive and mysterious. “Follow your intuition, even if it seems to take you into the heart of chaos. With the Moon in Taurus and Sun in Scorpio at this time: stay true to your values and go beyond the surface to recognize the true worth of someone or something, or the value of what is being exchanged. There is a sense of expecting the end of the road but then suddenly discovering endless depth, freedom and new possibilities. The end is only a new beginning.
“Uranus in the last degree of Pisces has certainly been crazy-making. People are wondering if they are losing their minds with the chaos manifesting. But this truly is divine chaos. Pisces is the sign that represents cosmic consciousness or Christ Consciousness or “God”; Uranus is the “awakener,” and in Pisces this is symbolic of how God or the Universe is awakening and evolving to discover a greater vision.
“And we are all indeed part of God’s omnipresence and omnipotence, like drops in the ocean. Mars in trine to Uranus is like the child who is asked to surrender in trust and then awakens to the grandeur of this cosmic dream.” — Priya Kale, Aries Full Moon report, Oct. 22, 2010.
(This report is part of the Cosmic Diaries Premium Service, which includes 4 Weekly Horoscopes each month. You can subscribe to the service for a week’s free trial, or make a one-time purchase at this link.)

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