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Welcome to a truly magical week,

We have a Scorpio stellium in the sky, with planets making conjunctions and important aspects in the coming week. There is a deep transformation in effect that will take us closer to a discovery of a sweeter reality than to anything that we may have feared.

Today Mercury conjuncts Venus under a Gemini Moon. Expect to come to a deeper understanding surrounding financial and emotional matters. Go beyond the surface and your initial perceptions in conversations, not out of suspicion, but in search of an eternal, mutual truth. Dare to speak your heart; you may be pleasantly surprised.

Among aspects, Mars enters Sagittarius midweek, and by the end of the week, the Sun conjuncts Venus in a sextile to the North Node. This is an extremely tangibly fertile and profitable climate, but even emotionally, things could get rather steamy. Let go of your defenses a little and invite in intimacy, magic and transcendence…

Here is a link to this week’s podcast and astrological overview on the BSFollmer show. We had plenty of disconnections, as usual, but we did have an interesting conversation, as always… Enjoy!

With love,


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