Aries Moon, Mercury trine Saturn

It’s been intense few days as I’m sure anyone will agree. Eclipses do come along and rearrange the energy in our lives. If you’ve been feeling a little more than shaken up, remember we are also heading now towards a powerful opposition between Saturn and Uranus. These planets first made their first aspect to each other on Nov. 4, 2008 at the time of the stock market crash; but can be traced further back to the time of Hurricane Katrina.

Interestingly, the Mayor of Gulfport, Mississippi, Brent Warr and his wife, Laura pleaded not guilty in a 16-count indictment for charges stating he lied to claim disaster relief for their beachfront home. The Associated Press states “The Warrs are accused of seeking a grant for a storm-damaged beachfront home they owned but did not live in. The government is seeking forfeiture of $222,798. Mr. Warr, 45, and his wife, 43, also are accused of making false claims to their insurance company.”

With the Saturn-Uranus opposition days away from this news surfacing (also Mercury is retrograde,) I smell fish… and we may not have to wait too long to know the truth. But it may not be a closed case until the final opposition in September this year.

Speaking of Mercury – he/she/it is now almost stationary in the sky and stations direct on Sunday, Feb. 1, 2009. So we can expect information to surface then. It likely has something to do with discussions we were having way back around the time of the Capricorn New Moon on Dec. 26, 2008 when Mercury first entered it’s shadow phase.

Mercury goes through an average of three retrograde cycles a year; this year the retrogrades are taking place in earth and air signs. To me this seems to symbolize heaven meeting earth, where the horizon kisses the sky. Mercury represents the mind, but more important this is about letting go of the mind so deeper or higher wisdom [of the heavens] can manifest itself on earth. Remember you are not your mind; the more we can allow ourselves to escape its inherent duality we leave ourselves open to a message from ‘above. Trust you are not building castles in the air; dreams can be real if we use our brain as a tool for their manifestation.

Mercury also rules our communication, which is another more effective way of channeling this energy rather than get caught up in thought. Sometimes talking things out with someone else or even out loud, can put things in perspective. Over the next few weeks we have another chance at important conversations and relationships that seemed to take a backward turn around the time of the Cancer Full Moon on Jan. 15 when Mercury stationed retrograde.

Also today (Saturday) Mercury trines Saturn; it first made this aspect to Saturn on Dec. 26 minutes before the retrograde station. We are getting another chance to reach a deeper understanding of something; or to be able to logistically work out the details of something. Trines require a little bit of effort if we are to gain maximum potential from the energy. The aspect is helping us solidify important commitments, as well as could help us find a more efficient way of working or organizing our life. Also, if you’ve been feeling “stuck” about something, “dig your hooves in and find a core truth.” Sound advice — thanks Nadine… the truth always sets us free.

Personally, it’s been an intense few weeks and my body just crashed over the past couple of days, in the midst of trying to catch up on life around me. My apartment looks like Hurricane Priya hit it…and I leave for India in a week. Today [it’s Friday night/Saturday after mid-night as I write this] though was a good day — I did henna for a school cultural event in the neighborhood for two to five year old girls, aside from my usual consultations.

Right now the Moon is in Aries and with my Venus-Mars in Aries in my 5th house in a grand fire trine with Neptune and Saturn — doing henna soothes my soul, but doing it for little kids, on their tiny hands is what really lights me on fire and I become a 5 year old again. Incidentally that is the age I started doing henna for myself, around the time I bought my first astrology book…

But back to the Moon, she will remain in Aries through most of the weekend and enters Taurus on Feb. 1, 2009 at 5:08 PM. Mercury will have stationed direct and the Moon in Taurus will surely help absorb and ground any aftershocks, so hopefully this will be a smooth landing.

I will be back on Monday if not sooner – for now I’m waiting for my last squeeze of inspiration…




Please email me if you are looking to schedule a private consultation or have one pending and have not heard from me in the past two days. Also, I will still be scheduling appointments while in India…

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