Trick of Light

Just wanted to share a beautiful piece of poetry sent to me by Stewart Macdonald…


A Trick of the Light

Into my darkness shines your light,

but I don’t understand it so I run and hide.

It must be a trap I’ll have to take flight.

If you could see through my maniacal sight!

I grow weary from having to hide,

So it shines ever deeper,

Growing stronger inside.

I try to conquer my feelings and fight

But not knowing trust I only take fright.

I trust you more than I’ve trusted before

But paranoia creeps,

And knocks on my door.

Whenever he beckons he’s hard to ignore,

At least I realise it’s my fatal flaw.

I’m calling for strength like never before.

I’m trying my hardest to kick and score.

But when I’m hurt

I break like a straw

If I calm down and trust you I’ll only want more.

So if you ask me to trust you,

Then I’ll say “I might”.

Haven’t you heard of a trick of the light?

emotions blind and so through time

I must suppress, depress and bind

my loving charms

these fateful arms

where only solitude wreaks no harm

— Stewart Macdonald

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