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Hello and welcome to the week,

There’s plenty going on this week in the sky and we can all expect life to pick up and take on a new color. I have a busy week ahead myself as I get ready to head back to NYC via Toronto. This blog covers the astrology through Wednesday, covering highlights for the rest of the week with other musings. I tried to make it a short, but now that I’m done writing, it seems I’ve already written a book, so please bear with me, it’s the astrology.

It was an interesting Sunday here, beginning with snow this morning. I also had an interesting email conversation with Eric Francis about ‘fate vs. free-will’ and the role of astrology in understanding this process. In India, the ancient art of Astrology is called “Jyotish” — translated means the study of light or consciousness [Jyoti – light.]

There is a reason they call it divination — it is a glimpse into the divine. A mystical, esoteric art and science where one becomes a channel and a see’r of the infinite creative moment — taking us out of time and mind. An attempt to speak and read the language of the divine, which is mystical in nature or the study of energy patterns if we want to put it in scientific terms.

Speaking of divine and mysterious, today on Oct. 11, 2009, Uranus conjuncts Juno in Pisces, Venus squares the Galactic Center and Mars sextiles Saturn. In relationships, expect the unexpected. The more we are willing to go with the flow the more we stand to be caught in shower of divine serendipity. There may also be a feeling of being awoken from a dream or fantasy, or to the depth of connection we share with someone. In all relationships business and personal the focus is on the awakening soul values.

As Venus squares the Galactic Center, this can be an expansively healing aspect for the heart. The Galactic Center is what we experience as God energy. A square suggests there could be divine healing just around the corner. But instead of looking for this outside of ourselves there is a greater truth waiting to be discovered deep within the heart. There may be a lesson here in learning to forgive oneself, in which there can be healing. What seems so far away, isn’t — just look inside your heart and trust the knowing in the fibers of your being. Financially as well, there could be an innovative solution if we are persistent in our efforts.

Today, on Monday Oct. 11, Mars in Cancer sextiles Saturn in Virgo. On Tuesday Venus conjuncts Saturn in Virgo and sextiles Mars in Cancer. Venus’ conjunction to Saturn is marking the end of a two year cycle. This is the culmination point of Saturn in Virgo, before it moves into Libra at the end of the month, following the Libra New Moon on Oct. 18, 2009.

But the end is only a beginning; and this is a fertile one. With Mars in Cancer, the sign of the ‘mother’ and Venus and Saturn in Virgo, the sign of the ‘virgin’ this is seeding the energy with potential for divine creation. Anytime Mars and Venus make aspects relationships, financial and creative matters become the focus. With the focus shifting to Libra soon — pay attention to what you are seeding within your closest relationships. If we can nurture something with devotion, rather than focus on the rewards we can be reaping more than a handful pretty soon.

Also in big news [pun intended] Jupiter stations direct on Tuesday. Jupiter stationed retrograde back on June 15, 2009. Look at what seemed to go backward then. This transit has largely been a search for inner wisdom. In Aquarius, we’ve been learning our roles as individuals forming a greater collective. What are the unique gifts we came here to this planet to share? Self-acceptance is key. As long as we judge ourselves, we will continue to judge others. Jupiter direct station can feel like an expansive influence. We can expect doors to open up where up where bringing new opportunities that may have previously been stalled.

We are indeed moving into whole new territory this week. Aside from the aspects, Mercury moves out of shadow on Wednesday moving us forward from the cycle and situations we’ve been dealing with since Aug. 17, when it entered shadow phase. Also on the same day Venus moves into Libra and will square Pluto on Thursday. On Friday Mars will enter Leo and will stay in the sign until June 7, 2010 when it enters Virgo. During this time it will also retrograde in the sign from Dec. 20, 2009 through to Mar. 10, 2009.

Meanwhile, it’s Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada and I can say for sure I have a lot to be grateful for. Especially for my new family Nadine, Chris and Adrien [as well as the extended Lalonde family] who’ve welcomed me with open arms and hearts. Earlier tonight, Chris cooked a delicious roast beef and tomorrow we head to the big family dinner. And I know the turkey isn’t the only one that’s going to be stuffed by the end of the day…

With Neptune, Jupiter and Chiron on my IC this year — it’s been a time of welcoming God in my home and being welcomed in the home of God. Starting with my trip to India early this year and then two months of Niles visiting me in New York and now here in Canada with Nadine and her sons Chris and Adrien and the extended family. As Dave Matthews sings “It’s not where, but who you’re with that really matters…” And I am lucky and grateful to have been cradled in this much divinely healing energy for my soul.

I’ll be back with more mid-week… For now, Happy Thanksgiving!

Priya Kale, Penetanguishene

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