Chiron Direct station | Saturn in Libra | Heading towards Taurus Full Moon…

Happy Halloween everyone! We stand at that magical threshold during the year when the veil between the worlds is the thinnest. Saturn is now in Libra — moving towards a square with Pluto around the time of the New Moon mid-month. But for now as we head towards the Taurus Full Moon on Nov. 2, 2009 we are getting the first taste of Saturn in this sign. Also tomorrow Chiron stations direct in Aquarius.

As Chiron stations direct there can be a release of old wounds if we can recognize that we know longer want to carry the pain. Chiron represents pain we hold onto almost unconsciously, or often the wound is so deep that we would do anything to deny even the encounter of its memory. Now as Chiron stations direct there can be a deep cleansing and healing of old wounds if we can acknowledge them to ourselves first. But we have to want to heal and let go of the pain. Often it is only when the pain gets too hard to deny, are we forced to deal with it.

As Chiron stations direct in Aquarius this is a healing of the individual as relating to the collective. How and where does fit in to the collective. How do we find acceptance among our peers while still maintaining our individuality. How we do confront our fears of being judged? Recognize each one of us is different — it is our individuality that is a common thread that binds us. Only in full acceptance of the self — even in the ways we may “think” we have failed can there be healing. Who are we to judge anyone or anything, ourselves included? Chiron stationing direct can bring a direct experience of this awareness of a higher consciousness that operates through us.

With Saturn changing signs into Libra, as you’ve probably read here and at other astrology sites on the internet — the rules surrounding our relationships are changing. Personally as well as in the lives of friends and people around me I can actually see this happening whether or not they “follow” astrology. We stand in fast changing times — but yet change has been painfully slow to come. This is Saturn, Saturn’s lessons are learned slowly, but well.

Saturn’s influence can authoritative. It would be helpful to look at our parents’ relationship, or the model of relationships we learned at an early age. There are some rules and teaching that need to be deconstructed to put in place new more equal boundaries. Saturn in Virgo was a time of learning where our boundaries lie for a healthier relationship that heals and strengthens. But there was an element of learning to be of service that was involved. In Libra, we are learning to relate as equals. This means old rules will need to be dismantled in favor of new ones. In recognizing our interdependence we can consciously, mutually create rules and boundaries that support what we are building.

These next two years of Saturn in Libra are as I see it going to be a time of balancing Karma. But this need not be a scary thing as long as we are willing to take responsibility for our actions. Saturn will not allow it otherwise. We are likely to learn our most personal lessons through our relationships. Until we find the balance within what we “put out” will be an imbalanced force. Ultimately this is what will bring a peace and harmony: not in trying to change another, but in being responsible for ourselves.

It’s easy to shirk the blame on the external forces, or wallow in self-pity because then we don’t have to face our own darkness. Or the ways in which we secretly judge ourselves, where we think we have failed. We can learn from the past without carrying its weight around for eternity. Guilt and shame only delay our ability to choose differently. Once we look inwards, in acceptance of both the dark and light we can evolve to a core understanding of our ‘being’ in its totality and then make choices from it.

Liberation comes from accepting oneself totally. To feel free to make choices that conform not to the opinions and expectations of society and others, but that stem from being true to oneself. Then we can accept wholly the consequences that arise from our actions, without blaming another or circumstances even if things don’t turn out quite as we hoped. Truth is, we can never “know” it all. This can be scary. But if what we are talking about is ‘being’ our inner God or Goddess, then it means having faith that if we act with our inner-most authentic being then what flows from it will be divine creation.

We are now heading towards the Taurus Full Moon on Nov. 2, 2009 at 2:13 PM EST; with the Sun and Moon at 10+ degrees of the Scorpio-Taurus axis. With Venus in Libra trines Neptune in Aquarius adding a backdrop to the Full Moon, there’s definite magic in the air. Here’s wishing you a magically, sensual, seductive Full Moon…

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I’ll be back with the Full Moon report sometime late weekend. The Weekly Horoscopes will be updated to the site around mid-day Saturday EST.

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