Dark of Moon in Leo and Leo New Moon report…

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We are now in the dark of the Moon as the Moon moves through Leo and conjuncts the Sun early Thursday morning on the East Coast of North America at 6:01 AM EDT.

Today Mars squares Uranus seeding this energy with the thundering potential for change, if we can step outside our fears and mental projections. I’ve just finished writing the Leo New Moon report which you can download at this link as a one-time purchase or as part of the subscriber service. Please read below for an excerpt.

For now, release the past as much as you can. There are exciting changes on the horizon if we can nurture what is trying to birth itself into our world. This is the Leo New Moon — it’s about the heart and finding that great big love within. Love and passion always come from the inside out…

With Love and New Moon Blessings,

Priya in Penetanguishene, Canada


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Leo New Moon, An Excerpt ==

“Mars squares Uranus a day before the New Moon, followed by Mercury’s opposition only 24 hours after lunation on Aug. 21, 2009 and Venus’ trine to the planet in Pisces on Saturday Aug. 22, 2009. Creatively, sexually, romantically and within our personal and business relationships, if we are willing to be innovative and experiment we can break patterns that keep us stuck in the past.

“As Mars squared Saturn last week, we moved past one turning point. Saturn is like a gateway, the door from the past to the future. What have you learned from the past that you can build on and what do you want to leave behind? As Mars squares Uranus this is about breaking through mental patterns and boundaries to find new ways of doing things. Beware external projection of this energy, which could make you say things you don’t want to say and then regret it. So resolve your duality, internally as much as you can.

“Creatively this could be a breakthrough if can push past the ‘unthinkable’ into the realm of imagination. We can balance the driving force of Mars with Sagittarian energy that sees the greater possibilities beyond the horizon. It may mean being willing to take a completely innovative approach and being willing to experiment as we go along.”

— Priya Kale, Leo New Moon [an excerpt], Aug. 20, 2009. Read Full Report.

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