June 2010 Monthly Horoscopes





As the Grand Cross aligns this month, expect to make huge shifts that liberate you to live life on your terms. You are learning what success truly means to you. And this revelation comes in the face of you confronting your insecurities and learning what truly makes you feel safe in this world. It matters less what you do than how you feel doing it. Let go of past conditioning, handed down to you by your family or authority figures, that defines your success. There is a fire bursting forth from within you, asking you to devote yourself to that which fulfills you at the core. When it comes to love, art or money, take a risk, be spontaneous and make choices based on who you are today. Let your days be an act of devotion and dedication in all that you do. This is the road to success and indeed, to your destiny.

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What would it take to make you feel safe, loved and divinely protected? You may not know or have the answer yet, but in acknowledging this, a higher truth is being revealed to you. Evolve your perspective on something that has long held power over you. Let go of the insecurities that prevent you from speaking honestly about what you need. You’ve learned important lessons about your heart and its desires. You may fear this is the end of a chapter, and you are right. But let go of the beliefs that you will never have the security you desire. You don’t need to control anyone or change anyone’s mind. This has more to do with your heart and where it feels at home. Trust that a close partnership is healing and that you can trust your most sacred desires to guide you safely across the shore – or, in this case, mountain top – to your destiny.

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You’re being called to explore a wider world out there. But first this will mean getting real and honest with yourself about what and who you truly value at the bottom of it all. You are learning a deep truth about yourself and how you feel about a deeply intimate or financial situation. There may be old emotions, resentments and insecurities you need to let go of. As you take stock of your investments, focus on those partnerships that liberate rather than constrict you. Be fluid and find your self-worth as you invest in relationships based on desire rather than on obligation and a false sense of security. It may be scary to let go of a past that has had its hold on you. But this will ultimately free you to live your life closer to your terms as you discover your own eternal depth to weather any storm. The healing you seek is closer to home than you think.

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With a powerful Eclipse in your opposite sign at the end of the month and your ruler conjunct Capricorn and the North Node, it may feel like you’ve reached the end of the road with a situation or that a part of you is dying. But ‘what the student calls the end, the master calls the butterfly.’ A relationship is changing and evolving profoundly. More importantly, you are evolving in the face of this. In consciously letting go of social and parental conditioning, you are clearing space for relationships based on mutual respect. Be honest and gentle with yourself and others as you negotiate healthier boundaries and let go of power struggles. You can’t greet the future with your arms full of the past. Events are taking you ever closer to your destiny, to a time when you get to make your mark on the world in a way you couldn’t have dared imagine possible. Just be honest about what feeds the sacred fire in your mind, body and soul. Trust that your ability to be fluid will shelter you through any storm.

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Mars moves out of your sign this month after a long six-month phase that brought you face to face with your wildest insecurities and brilliance all at once. This should take the heat off, but given the other aspects, you may wonder if you are jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire. Far from it.  You are actually on a journey of discovering what makes you come alive as you feed what is most sacred within yourself. Your horizons are opening up in unimaginable ways, calling you further to explore the unknown. No doubt this may seem scary, but you are being protected now by a higher, divine influence. Trust your intuition; overcome your insecurities as you shift something that has long been a source of oppression in your world. In letting go, you are making space for that which fulfills and feeds you on the deepest level of your soul. You may not be ready to announce this to the world yet, but actions speak louder than words. Dedicate yourself to that which heals you and inspires your devotion, and let it guide you forth to your destiny.

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A close, personal relationship, or an intimate or financial situation, seems to be drawing you ever deeper into a surrender that you may not feel ready for. You may fear that you will drown if you go too far. But there is no fear of this as long as you can let go of old emotional baggage. You are not a child anymore – and you don’t have to worry about losing your power in a situation. If anything, the past two years of Saturn transiting through your sign has brought you awareness of your strength and resilience even in the face of the craziest storms. Focus on your highest ideals, and be willing to let go of the old conditioning that asks you to live up to others’ expectations. Focus on healing yourself, and trust this will eventually bring healing for all the lives you touch. You are reaching an important milestone in your destiny that asks you to evolve, mature and simultaneously return to the childlike essence within you. Do what you can to feed the sacred fire within you, and let it guide you forth toward your destiny.
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A situation reaches a turning point this month, bringing you to a major milestone in your journey. The Sun is shining at high noon in your chart, so expect to be in the limelight professionally. But to take advantage of the opportunities in front of you, there are deeper insecurities you need to let go of. More than success [although success will come], this is about rediscovering what brings you security on the innermost levels. Let go of old emotional baggage, superficial needs for security, and expectations that keep you from reaching your greatest potential professionally as well as personally. Your relationships may be drawing you into unknown territory, and it may be scary to trust. But this is nothing to fear: nurture those relationships that heal you deep in your soul and that provide you with the real sense of safety you yearn for. A part of your past is dying, but trust this is clearing the way for that which you truly care about to make its way into your world.

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There is a wide world opening up all around you, beckoning you over seas and horizons, pulling you out of your comfort zone. This will mean the death of an old way of being and of old perceptions that you’ve outgrown. No doubt this is scary, but open your mind to drench it in the fresh, higher perspective that’s pouring down on you. You’ve been thirsting for adventure, so focus your highest aspirations rather than your darkest fantasies. There is a fire pulsing within your body and your being which is due to be a great source of healing, not just for you but for all the lives you touch. Professionally, you are gaining recognition, and a partnership you share has the potential to bring you into the limelight. Open up to and let in new experiences daily as you channel your passion into acts of kindness and service. Chase wildly all that feeds and liberates your sacred spirit. There lies your destiny.

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You can taste the fire of adventure like you haven’t in a long while. You may wonder if you are crazy to take the risk you’ve been contemplating, but have more faith in yourself now. You won’t drown if you go deeper, so consider this an investment in your “self” in the purest sense of the word. It may mean letting go of commitments, values and relationships that have run their course. But you are not alone on this journey, and you have the support you need. So let go of trying to control a situation. Some may say you are crazy to be rediscovering your youth. But you are wise enough to know you are never too old to take a risk. And this one could pay off in spades. For all your freethinking abilities, you have deeply traditional values, but don’t confuse this with the superficial values of society and those handed down to you by your parents. You know what you want and what you are willing to accept and what you value the most. The rest can return to the dust it came from.

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You’re on the brink of a profound and powerful transformation within your relationships, ultimately setting you on a path toward your personal destiny. It may feel like a part of you is dying, but unless you let go of the past, you cannot move toward the future that is undoubtedly yours.  Try not to control any situation now, and be fluid as you move through the coming weeks. Listen closely to what a partner is trying to say. A deep truth about yourself is being revealed, and you are naturally being taken toward your destiny. All you need is to make sure you aren’t standing in your own way. The wheels are turning, and this is a summer you will long remember as a time when everything began to change. This is nothing to fear – rather, explore your world fearlessly, like a child in a new world.

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You’ve always been known for your eccentricity. But with the fire that’s burning within you now, some may wonder if you’ve lost your mind. But you well know that genius always carries traces of madness. Overcome your fears, and step out of your comfort zone. It will require you to let go of the invisible barriers and the silent voices of authority that threaten your sleep at night. You stand at a pivotal moment in your life, one which you are likely to look back on as a time when everything began to change. Open your mind and look for what brings you fulfillment and deep comfort on a daily basis. Make room for more of what you want to flow through your world. This will only come from removing the barriers that prevent you from diving in to experience the deep pleasures that surround you everyday. Your health and well being depend on it.

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There is a deep truth coming to light about a close personal or professional relationship or situation. You have more power than you may imagine to steer the course of events, but first look at the superficial ideals you need to let go of. Get back in touch with the hot, fiery flame that burns within you and invites you to reach for your desires. It may feel you’ve reached the end of the road with a situation, but you are only turning a corner toward the deeper sense of fulfillment you seek. Listen and speak from the heart as you go beyond surface emotions to get to the bottom of the truth. Be gentle and fluid as you enlist the co-operation you need from the people around you who are as devoted to your mission as you are.

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