Jupiter ingresses Aries: Return to Innocence…

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Dear Friends,

Jupiter is in the very final hours of its transit through Pisces, before entering Aries tomorrow Jan. 23, 2011 at 12:12 PM EDT.

Uranus’ transit through Pisces has been liberating us from illusions and fantasies, awakening us to a deeper sublime reality. The loss of illusions can be a painful thing, but awareness is always gift. Pisces represents the eternal life, cosmic consciousness, God, the Divine.

Jupiter’s transit over the past year has brought the divine gift of healing, in the part of your chart ruled by Pisces.

Jupiter in Aries, is fiery and passionate energy. Aries represents the Divine manifest, the fire of creation – flesh and blood. This is energy that speaks of the innocence, yet profound wisdom of children. Theirs is a knowing that comes from the beyond (Pisces precedes Aries on the wheel.)

I think it was Jonathan Cainer who once wrote, ‘to be born is to win the cosmic lottery.’ And it’s true, we are eternal cosmic divine beings, manifest in the flesh. That we are alive is a miracle. But our journey in this earthly form, is limited in space and time. This fleeting, fragile, transience and frailty of existence is what makes life so precious. And Jupiter in Aries is a reminder of the gift life is and what a gift it is to be born.

As Jupiter [and Uranus] squares Pluto in Capricorn over the coming months, we are all being challenged to resolve the power struggle with internal voices of authority: the things, people, conditions and expectations we give away our power to. Asking for faith in ourselves in an unknown changing world, as we find balance in our relationships.

If we are children of a Divine power, we also need trust that we will be taken care of. And the challenges are sent for our growth, not to destroy us. Don’t underestimate your power as an individual. Externally, globally and in our personal lives this may manifest in revolutionary ways, asking for courage as we fight the good fight. Now may be a good time to say the Serenity prayer.

Life is God’s desire to know and experience Him/Herself as each and every one of us — this is omnipotence, omnipresence, omniscience. Really this is an internal resolution, asking for a return to our roots and innocence. To what is singularly important – our humanity.

— Priya Kale, NYC


Venus was conjunct the Great Attractor in Sagittarius yesterday, taking us right into the polarizing truth of love and God. Here is Niles’ Blog from yesterday at the time the aspect was exact…   The Mystery of Paradox


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