Lightning strikes… Annular Solar Eclipse in Aquarius


One love
One blood
One life
You got to do what you should
One life
With each other
One life
But we’re not the same
We get to
Carry each other
Carry each other



— Bono, One


Aquarius New Moon & Solar Eclipse

Welcome to the Chinese Year of the Ox and Aquarius New Moon and Annular Solar Eclipse. At 2:55 AM EST the Sun and Moon met in conjunction at +06 Aquarius forming a stellium with Juno at 01+ degree, Jupiter 04+ degrees, North Node at 09+ degrees, Chiron at 20+ degrees and Neptune at +23 degrees.

With so much Aquarius in the air there is a likely a sense of either manic euphoria or feelings of complete chaos… either way this is about transcending the rationality of the dual mind. Incidentally I was up late last night finishing the horoscopes and I flipped to a show on the National Geographic Channel and they had a documentary on the effects of lightning on the human body and cases of survivors.

It was enlightening watching the documentary, especially that it was only hours after the Aquarius eclipse. Aquarius is the sign ruled by Uranus; this is energy that manifests in the physical world in its purest form like a thunderbolt of lightning. What I saw in that documentary was only a confirmation and validation of my experience. Scientists, doctors work with physical energy, astrologers I feel straddle the cusp where we are “looking” to the skies for physical evidence and using the reflection to tap into higher realms of consciousness. Mystics, psychics and mediums work with the most ethereal form of energy – spirit and soul. Ultimately it just depends on how you choose to live. Whether we live in unconciousness or as sentient beings in awareness; that is our free will and choice.

But at the time of an eclipse, fate rears its head. When that happens, the mind jumps to make “sense” of it and make judgment on whether something is good or bad. Until we step out of heads we can never experience something new. The mind is incapable of it. The expression ‘mind-blowing’ exists for a reason, when something happens that just stuns or shocks you. This is all Uranian energy.

In all cases of lightning strike survivors aside from the obvious physical damage there is a common factor, the brain doesn’t function quite the same anymore. Effects can range from random to severe memory loss to highly charged electric energy capable of short-circuiting light bulbs and more. Here is the objective of a study conducted that I found in a Google search “To objectify neuropsychological impairments in survivors of lightning stroke with lasting complaints about poor concentration and inability to divide their attention.” What is this other than Uranus energy that breaks through the Mercurial mental dual energy of the mind into a stream of pure consciousness? I can say with certainty that if we studied natal charts of the survivors and transits, we would find heavy Uranus activity for the timing of the event.

Similarly, there have been several studies done on the phenomenon of Kundalini energy rising, where there many misdiagnosed cases who end up on medication, or worse, in an asylum depending on it’s severity. So what then can we learn from this? Aquarius is a reminder to tap into the individual.

A natal chart is just PURE potential. Not good or bad. Like a river that runs fatefully to the sea – that is each of our destiny to merge again with the cosmic pool [Pisces.] But we can choose to direct and re-direct that river of energy in infinite ways, taking detours along the way; thus ‘choosing’ our experiences of how the energy manifests. But we can never suppress it; like lightning it WILL find a way to join heaven and earth in a complete circuit.

I remember working with a client once who had Neptune in her 8th house and for a majority of her life she dealt with alcohol addiction, unbelievably manipulative people on a very sexual intimate level and of course also financial, as well as heavy activity with being able to see and talk with spirits. She came to me at the time of her Chiron return and was considering using her psychic abilities as healer by helping people contact their loved ones on the other side.

I encouraged her decision and we found (in a session 6 months later) her experiences with the nebulous forces and relationships to manipulative people and addictions started to disappear into the thin [Neptunian] mist where they came from. We just need to work with and channel our energy into something consciously. Once we create that path of least resistance, then the energy does not need to suppress itself and manifest in out of control ways.

We may be born to “experience” unique experiences. In understanding our self and impulses we can control, direct and ground the energy as we choose. But this “choice” cannot come from the mind [Gemini] we have to rise above to find wisdom [Sagittarius.] Sagittarius is also the sign that rules spirituality, religion and ‘God.’ But at some point then, we have to go even beyond that.

Knowing about God is not the same thing as experiencing God [Pisces.] “Religion” may give us a map (but who’s to say your religion can’t be music) but we are the seekers of our final destiny. To experience God is to merge into nothingness. For that, first we need to step out of our ideologies [Sagittarius,] move beyond reality and tradition [Capricorn] and take a leap of faith [Aquarius] before we can be lost in the divine [Pisces.]

Less than 24 hours after the eclipse Jupiter and Uranus signs meet in an exact semisquare aspect. This is HUGE – a direct link between these two planets is like a bright neon sign showing us the way to “transcend” whatever we need to. Break through the walls that separate and reach for something that electrifies your soul. It can heal you more than you know.

We can steer clear of the things we want out of our lives and move towards something more real now. Remember we are setting patterns and seeding the next 6 months of our lives with our actions AND inaction. Most of the time the monkey mind tends to get its way, unless we act consciously as we are being invited to do now. Eclipses are times when the hand of fate plays a strong role.

Its like the Universe takes back the reins for two weeks; and the Universe can get pretty insistent and persistent when she wants to teach us something. “…The extent of the damage depends on the actual path followed by the electrical current as it flows to ground. An electrical current will follow the path of least resistance to ground, and the path followed after a victim is struck depends on a number of details.” Instead of judging a situation as good or bad we need to be open and receptive to what is coming through and see how to work with it.

This New Moon and Eclipse suggest our calling is calling.  Aquarius suggests, destiny may wear a strange and unfamiliar mask, but we have to go beyond perception and knowledge to reach the essence of someone or something. The more we resist or put up walls the greater the feeling of our world falling apart. Let go of the things that appear to be moving out; what is real will NEVER leave you. There are strong winds of change blowing, now we just need to harness them to guide our sails towards the shore.

With Mercury and Mars in a tight conjunction in Capricorn (exact on Jan. 28, 2009) we can absolutely make something constructive out of whatever has shaken or enlightened your world. First we need to allow lightning to strike and then run to the ground – as suggested by the Capricorn earth energy. Use the mind as the tool to filter this higher awareness into something constructive. It may be that we get a second chance at a very important conversation or negotiation. Be as honest, direct and grounded as you can – remember path of least resistance so you do least damage. We will get one more chance after Mercury goes direct to finally solidify our commitments, but right now honesty is the best policy. This is a very necessary step along the way to the top of that mountain of success.

Remember the Aquarian principle of the strength of indivisible “oneness” in all our relationships. People and situations in your life right now are not random; there is a very specific purpose to them and we need to experience life, not judge it. Right now there is a very practical and lucrative solution that may come like a flash; but this has the potential to seed our lives with tangible abundance.

We are also heading into a powerful week as Saturn opposes Uranus mid-week this week on Feb. 5, 2009. This is likely to bring many dramas to a head. Trust the existence that gives you life right now. Jupiter conjunct the eclipse is a strong reminder more than anything else we need faith. Like lightning to the ground, the more open and receptive we are the quicker destiny can find us, and more importantly we can recognize it.

We are each different in our reactions; ultimately it is our intention more than our interaction that counts. If you want more freedom ask for it. If you know someone needs space, be willing to give it. Sometimes however well intentioned we end up hurting the ones we love, even when we know our hearts are in the right place. But the Universe is fair and she listens as much as she speaks. If there is a true desire – that comes from the soul and not from ‘wanting,’ she will find a way for you to reach it.

Have faith in a crazy dream, the Universe is waiting to shower us with it’s magic….

With love in these brilliant times,



I just wanted to add, it’s been a little under a calender year since I first put up this website. It was at the time of the first Aquarius eclipse of this series last year in February and I couldn’t let this day go by without giving credit and thanks to the angel who made it happen. He was the one who “pushed” me to get the website up and if it wasn’t for him neither my words nor I would be here. So thanks Niles…

On another note, Mercury is retrograde in my 10th house and I’ve been thinking about what I want to do with the site in the coming year. I want to make a few changes but waiting for the idea to incubate. I am open to suggestions in the meanwhile…

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