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Doubt thou the stars are fire;
Doubt that the sun doth move;
Doubt truth to be a liar;
But never doubt I love.

–William Shakespeare (Hamlet, 1.2.123-6)


Thunder rumbles in the distance, a quiet intensity
I am willful, your insistence is tugging at the best of me
You’re the moon, I’m the water
You’re Mars, calling up Neptune’s daughter

— The Weepies, Painting by Chagall


Venus conjuncts Mars in Aries today just as I post this Blog at 5:57 AM GMT; 12:57 AM EDT & 10:27 AM INT on April 7, 2013 under a Pisces Moon…

This is the stuff love songs were written about. Relationships are certainly heating up — and this is extremely fertile, passionate, creative and sexual energy that needs to be consciously expressed.

In Aries, there is a purity, newness and innocence to this energy — like falling in love for the first time. But as the years go by, we get older, life and its experiences condition us. And if one has been burned badly enough, then one is too shy, too reticent, or may still harbor anger or resentment towards the past.

Then one is closed off from experiencing potentially wonderful heartwarming, even healing experiences in the present, for fear of what happened the last time you “trusted” your heart. But that’s like saying you’ll never eat again because you once burnt your tongue on hot soup.

You are older and wiser and now is not then. With time also comes experience and you know when you need to be cautious. It doesn’t matter if you’ve just met someone who sets your heart on fire or been in a relationship for decades, there is a newness to this energy, like a fire that burns incessantly.

Even where there is anger, feelings of resentment, abandonment or rejection — there is a deeper need to feel loved and more importantly to express ones love.

The Sabian Symbol for the degree of this conjunction ARIES 20° reads: A YOUNG GIRL FEEDING BIRDS IN WINTER.

Here is Dane Rudhyar’s keynote and interpretation from his book the Astrological Mandala.

“KEYNOTE: Overcoming crises through compassion.

Nature’s seasonal rhythms imply an oscillation between living and dying. Through creative imagination man can “fly over” the cycle, and discover means not only to escape from the fatality of seasonal decay or deprivation, but to assist other living entities to survive through crises. Migrating birds fly south (cf. symbol of Aries 12°), but by establishing a partnership with other creatures unable to escape wintry deprivation or death, man can maintain the life of the spirit (symbolized by birds) steady through all crises if, like a “young girl,” he is widely open to the promptings of love and sympathy. 

“At this fifth stage of the symbolic sequence we witness human activity motivated by sympathy overcoming the seasonal phase of impotency. Life potency in nature spirits reaches a higher level in the human being. The theme is THE TRANSMUTATION OF LIFE INTO LOVE.”

Especially with a Venus-Mars conjunction at this degree, this tells me, wherever there has been a “dry spell” if we can reach out and connect with love, there can be a revival. It takes both maturity and innocence to understand, these are simply the seasons of our lives. Where there has been a crisis — be it in relationships, creative or financial situations — keep in touch with a core flame of compassion for yourself and others, for having the survived the “long winter” as you prepare for a new start.

Aries energy is like a new born child or infant, whose is simply “being”, but doesn’t have the language to express what he or she wants or needs; he or she can only cry and the mother has to understand what the child needs. But once his or her needs are taken care of, he/she is back to his/her happy, carefree, loving self. Sometimes only minutes after throwing a hellish fit.

Right now, there can be a sense of feeling a lot (of perhaps conflicting) desires and emotions, but perhaps not knowing how to express oneself. Anger or passionate love, fear or desire, this is all the same fiery Aries energy. But we’re not children and throwing a tantrum isn’t going to solve much. Nothing kills a budding romance quicker than neediness. But with self-awareness one can express one’s passion, creatively rather than destructively. We may not be children, but this is a chance to get in touch with one’s inner child — to love, create, paint, draw, dance, have fun for the sheer joy of it.

The Moon in Pisces making us especially susceptible to romance and fantasy, and there is nothing wrong with that. The danger lies in projecting fantasies or fears onto someone or something, or expecting another to reciprocate one’s desires. But as the Moon trines Saturn, there is a grounding to this energy — allowing us to transform and stabilize situations. Also Mercury is now moving out of shadow in Pisces into new territory: where there was confusion there can be clarity now.

The more you can peer beyond the veil of your emotions, you can reach a deep, intuitive, understanding of a situation and your true needs. Then you can proceed in this clarity and maturity with caution, yet with an openness and curiosity of the opportunities opening up before you.

We live in a world of impermanence, in an eternal dynamic “now,” where every moment is new and laden with fertile opportunities. As you move towards the New Moon in Aries, release fear, pain, anger, self-doubt and the past. Now more than ever is the time for new beginnings…

Passionately yours,



Here is a previous article on the Venus-Mars conjunction that took place in Libra in 2008.


Here is an excerpt from the Cosmic Weather report sent out to Subscribers earlier this month.

Cosmic Weather: April 2013

An Excerpt ==

“Fools rush in, where angels fear to tread…”

“As Venus conjuncts Mars there is no lack of passion in this climate. Expect important developments in relationship and financial situations. In Aries, this conjunction can bring overwhelming desire, passion perhaps a sense of urgency — of wanting something and wanting it now, if not yesterday.

“If you know what you want you can go get it — the energy is good for that. But Venus-Mars also conjunct Eris suggesting there may be a sense of discord on a personal level of perhaps not even knowing what one wants; do you know what you want? It may be a good idea to answer that first.

“Let there be a playful curiosity to your approach when meeting someone new, or when you encounter a new opportunity, rather than acting like a hungry wild animal (you can save that for the bedroom) ready to devour the first thing it sees. You can’t attract anything worthwhile with an air of desperation.

“This conjunction is all about confidence, expressing your passion and going after what you want fearlessly, but without expectations of what will come out of something. Or you could end up feeling like an impatient child, throwing a tantrum if you don’t get what you want, when you want it.

“Another important factor in this equation, and in any relationship is trust. And there is a sense of innocence and naiveté to this energy that one would do well to be aware of. It’s always good to be cautious before you give your heart or trust away to someone too quickly and then feel burned.

“There may be love and passion, but also mistrust, anger, fear that stems from past betrayals. Acknowledge the past, learn from it but avoid projecting it on to the present. This is Aries energy: it’s all about the new and the now.

“New love is always fiery, raw and passionate — but unless it has substance it is more than likely to burn out as quickly as it started. Not everything that starts out with a bang is able to sustain the same level of passion, intensity and or momentum. And that’s just as well, there is something to be said about love that fits like an old shoe. Slow and steady does win the race.

“And the New Moon in Aries on April 10, 2013 marks a new lunar cycle, offering a chance to renew and rebuild trust in relationships…” –Cosmic Weather: April 2013. Read Full report — Subscribe here for a one week free trial.

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