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A quick hello from Goa – I thought I’d share the view from where I was sitting a couple of days ago and share a bit of this experience with you…

I’m here working and hanging out with one of my closest friends from college Geetanjali whom I’ve known for over half my life since I was 16. She is an exceptional artist and to me — a wise, spiritual mirror, one of my favorite people to do nothing with and someone I can laugh with till we’re rolling in tears. And its been grounding to see her after 3 years, share our life’s journey and be with someone who reminds me of what is real, and who I really am.

The recent New Moon may have felt like a bit of an emotional earthquake. But as the Moon grows, the energy is solidifying helping us find the solid, abundant ground beneath our feet.

As Geets said to me yesterday, although a lot more humorously eloquently than this, but I am translating from ‘Hinglish’ — ‘nurture what’s real, rather than fuel dying fires.’ And that is the energy and the truth…

Hope you are well wherever you are on this God’s great Earth. Most of all you are alive and here now, that is enough.

With Love from Calangute, Goa…

Priya, May 4, 2011




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