Mercury conjunct Saturn in Virgo, Venus in Virgo opposite Uranus in Pisces

We have a busy couple of days coming up in the cosmos and we move into new territory next week as Mercury moves out of its echo phase and Venus and Mars change signs into Libra and Leo respectively.

Today on Wednesday, the Moon is still in Taurus and will pass through a grand trine with Venus, Mercury and Saturn in Virgo and the North Node in Capricorn through the day; before entering Gemini at 4:46 PM EDT.  Also Mercury conjuncts Saturn just after midnight (late Wednesday) on the East Coast of North America and early morning in the UK on Thursday.

Expect to be having important conversations or coming to important decisions over the next day or so. The Grand Trine in the earth signs today though can bring us stability if we can focus on our deepest values. This is about building something that lasts. There is a solidity to the commitments we are making, no matter how up in the air everything seems. We can reach deep understandings, that bring tangible and emotional prosperity if we invest our energy wisely.

On Friday, Venus opposes Uranus in Pisces keeping us on our toes. At this time the Moon will be in Gemini so there could be a few unexpected revelations and conversations. When it comes finances be resourceful, adaptable. There could be genius inspiration floating through the ether, if we can open up our imagination.

Emotionally and when it comes to love, it may cause people to act and react irrationally. So don’t go out of your way to push any buttons or stick your finger in a live socket. Love rarely makes ‘logical sense.’ It can only be felt. And the less critical we are, the more we can open our hearts to receiving a divine transcendental experience so there can be healing.

— Priya Kale, Pentang, Ontario

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