Mercury trines North Node, Mars trines Juno | Toronto Workshop and Consultations

True to the Full Moon, I notice all around me relationships and the rules surrounding them are changing.

Yesterday, Mercury in Virgo opposed Juno in Pisces yesterday bringing critical energy to navigate around relationships. Today Mars in Cancer trines Juno in Pisces, followed by Mercury’s trine to the North Node.

There could be healing, if we take the time to nurture our relationships rather than set impossible standards of perfection.

Don’t try to analyze something that needs to be ‘felt’ through emotionally. Be fluid and expressive when it comes to your passions and desires.

With Mercury’s aspect to the North Node, soon to conjunct Saturn, important conversations could bring a deeper understanding. Business or personal, the communication we are having now is setting the foundation for the future. But the Moon is in stable Taurus where she is exalted grounding the emotional energy released with the Aries Full Moon. Focus on that and those that you value.

On another note, there was a beautiful Harvest Moon here Saturday with a giant orange halo. Sunday I had my first ever workshop ‘Diving in the Sun.’ It turned out to be a memorable afternoon, with a great group of people ready open to share their energy and experiences. Under a Full Moon and with Mercury opposite Uranus, I can safely say there were a fair share of A-ha moments in the room, myself included.

I am planning to get another workshop together in Toronto, the weekend of Oct. 17-18, 2009 and will also be doing consultations then. I will have more details soon, but for those interested please email me for further information. Meanwhile I am still available for regular consultations via phone or Skype…

More soon…

Priya Kale, Penetanguishene, Ontario

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