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Dear Friends,

Mercury stationed retrograde on Dec. 10, 2010, bringing situations to a screeching halt, kicking up a lot of dust. On Tuesday, retrograde Mercury meets in a triple conjunction with Mars and Pluto. This means business.

I read a ridiculous article on the Internet recently by someone who is supposedly a writer (claiming she gave dictation to her father from his lap when she was two) that said, “’Do what you love’ is bad career advice.” She of course is entitled to her opinion, and I can [and do] respectfully disagree with it. But it seemed hypocritical that there she was, obviously making a living doing what she loved – while telling others not to.

In an earth sign like Capricorn, it can be easy to get stuck and want to hold on to past beliefs, opinions and old ways of doing things. But the energy is providing the opportunity for a deep, rich transformation and allowing us to break through social and parental conditioning and perceptions in order to get to core values. There may be a lot of heated discussions and negotiations underway, but if we bend, we will not break.

What does success mean to you? Not to your parents, not to society — not what you have been conditioned to believe — but to YOU? If money and fame were assured, then what would be a worthy challenge? Anyone can have a brilliant idea, and there are infinite things we love, but what would fill you with a sense of accomplishment and make you feel like you are fulfilling your greater purpose on this planet?

Acknowledge your deeper motivations. Failure is guaranteed only if you never try.

Communication should get lighter by the end of the week as Mercury re-enters Sagittarius, opening a world of opportunities that we may have previously missed. Also, the Sun squares the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction on Saturday, bringing a surprising turn of events we probably couldn’t have seen coming.

We are in the run-up to the Gemini Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse on Dec. 21, 2010, due to bring a fair share of revelations. But with the Sun and Moon making harmonious aspects to Neptune and Chiron, the truth is likely not only to set us free, but also to heal us.

Over the next three weeks, as Mercury moves backward through the sky, there is the opportunity to consciously deconstruct old rules, renegotiate important contracts and commitments, and restructure plans. A New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on Jan. 6, 2010, after Mercury’s direct station, suggests a solid start to the New Year.


Priya Kale, NYC


I am available for Astrology Consultations on the phone during this time. Please email me to schedule a session as we head into what promises to be a memorable season…


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