Moon enters Aquarius and conjuncts the North Node

A quick hello —

There are no major aspects in the sky today, but the Sun is now in it’s last week in Taurus. Personally, being birthday season I love the grounded energy this time of the year brings. Over the next few days we have a few major aspects and shifts taking place. Saturn moving direct in Virgo on May 16, 2009 should finally get things going.

The Sun too will square the Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune triple conjunction over the weekend, bringing us a reality check of the immense energy at our disposal to turn the corner towards more hope and freedom. There may be a few bitter sweet lessons to be learned but as the Sun sextiles Uranus there is sure to be a few surprising developments and opportunities that propel us forward.

Currently the Moon is in late Capricorn and will be through the day here in the US and UK; it moves into Aquarius at 9:10 PM EST on Thursday, May 14, 2009 and will make a conjunction to the North Node in Aquarius three hours later, bringing us a glimpse of destiny if we can maintain a state of receptive awareness, just paying attention to the moment.

Happy Thursday everyone!

— Priya Kale, NYC

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