Moon in Capricorn, Mercury re-enters Taurus, Saturn in Virgo opposes Juno in Pisces

It’s a crisp cool Wednesday morning here in NYC, with the Moon in Capricorn moving towards a trine to Saturn in Virgo and the Sun in Taurus. With the strong earth influences ground yourself in what needs to be done through the day to make the most of the energy.

Also, Mercury retrogrades back into Taurus today and suggesting perhaps it’s time to dig up an old idea for closer inspection. There are valuable conversations to be had over the coming days and much is changing through this month. By the end of this week Saturn who has been retrograde in Virgo since the beginning of the year will station direct.

Depending on which area of your chart Virgo falls in, this transit of Saturn in Virgo has asked for selfless dedication, nerve-wracking with the pressure it has put us under. At best this has been a time to re-discover integrity without judgment, of having faith that sincere devotion is never unrecognized and the rewards will come when the time is right.

Also today Saturn opposes Juno in Pisces and there may some boundary issues to be dealt with within relationships. But more than boundaries personally I feel this has to do with something being a constructive force in our lives. This seems to be a heavily Karmic aspect asking us to focus on channeling the energy to bring a message of healing within the relationship that strengthens rather than divides. With Juno in Pisces we may sense an eternal connection with someone, with creative, emotional and spiritual implications.

With Saturn in Virgo stationary it may be easy to nit-pick the reasons why something isn’t quite perfect. This is a reminder of the work that needs to be done here on this material plane, rather than allowing worry and criticism to tear holes in something divine even in its imperfections.

To quote my friend Lori again “Soul connections are spiritual relationships with romantic implications — not the other way around.” Focus on the unconditional love you may share with someone, there is a greater mission that needs to be manifested in the world. Something you can pour your energy into that serves a higher purpose and a nobler cause of the soul.

— Priya Kale, NYC


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