Moon in Capricorn

There are no major aspects between the planets today but the Moon has now entered Capricorn and will conjunct Pluto shortly. Overnight and tomorrow the Moon will square Venus and Mars in Aries.

Something seems to be in works, but we won’t know until we are willing to make a few constructive changes and re-write a few rules. With the Moon squaring Venus and Mars could be a lucrative creative breakthrough if we are willing to plow through the energy.

Also, we are turning a corner within relationships and financial situations that seem to require an internal adjustment between what the heart wants and the way things have always been done. There may a feeling of being torn between something traditional and safe and experiencing passion and desire. Financially the road to success may seem long and arduous but this is about moving towards find one own personal power and potential to manifest that which is needed, through hard work.

Emotionally this may be the difference between doing what you think is ‘right’ and what makes you happy.

— Priya Kale, NYC


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