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Here is this week’s horoscope for Taurus…

Weekly Horoscope for Taurus for week of May 12, 2009



As much as it may have felt like feeling your way through the fire – something is shining a light in your subconscious awakening a deep hot core truth. You are discovering yourself in the light of your fears and stand at crucial turning point that allows you to break free of them. Surrender your darker beliefs that prevent you from acknowledging your own divinity and deep instincts; the success you dream of is deeply rooted in your spiritual beliefs or what you have been taught to believe is possible. Figure out your own sense of powerlessness in a situation that causes you to react or project into your life that which you most fear. And which prevents you from reaching for the kind of success your soul dreams of. Have faith above all in your mission, which is rippling out in waves into the world, drawing you ever closer to your destiny. You are closer to a moment of truth if you can dare to speak out loud what you know as truth deep in the heart of your soul.

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It’s Sunday morning here in NYC and we are still coming down from the energy of a powerful Scorpio Full Moon. I didn’t get a chance to see with cloudy skies looming, but I sure did feel it.

On Friday evening, I was sitting here talking to my friend Niles when suddenly I discovered my topaz ring missing from my finger. I never take it off and have worn for about 6 years now. I cannot tell you how naked I felt right about then. But I was reminded of the mysterious Scorpio Moon and that the ring was probably hiding somewhere. Being a Taurus, I figured this was definitely the part about letting go of attachment to the material and that I would find it once I had. And then yesterday just like magic, the moment I finally ‘let go,’ Niles found it in the one place I should have known I might have missed it — buried in my futon. Of course that was the least of the Full Moon but certainly an apt backdrop.

The Moon is still fairly ‘full’ in Sagittarius now, bringing a resurrection of spirit where we’ve had to deal with the intense emotions and revelations of this Full Moon. In Scorpio although it may have felt like something has died, trust it is only making space for a recognition of the eternal to step in and ground us in its reality.

On Monday, the Taurus Sun conjuncts Sedna and Juno squares the Great Attractor.

With the Sun conjunct Sedna in Taurus there may be a feeling of having to endure a long standing source of wounding. But this is earthy energy reminding us that although pain generally resides in the mind and it’s memories, it can feel very real. There may be a feeling of not having enough to give or enough emotional or financial resources; Sedna is a planet that asks ‘to keep one’s heart open in hell.’ This and the presence of the conjunction in Taurus, is a clear suggestion that no matter what fears may have surfaced at the time of the Scorpio Moon, there is more depth and tangible support available — even if believing it right now seems like a test of faith.

Juno in Pisces has been a reminder of the eternal bonds we share within our relationships — but most importantly there may be a lesson of unconditional love that is coming through. With Juno squaring the Great Attractor this may give rise to a cloud of polarization that needs to be resolved internally.

There maybe confusion now about how and where does one draw boundaries? How can something so divine contain within it the extremes of dark and light? The Great Attractor is a massive black hole in Sagittarius at the center of our galaxy. Astrologically aspects to this point tend to give a feeling a of great polarity — but truthfully it is only the mind that cannot comprehend the simultaneous existence of what we tend to label of “good” and “bad.”

My friend Lori always reminds me, unconditional love does not mean unconditional giving. But then who decides those boundaries — you or what you’ve been told is the “right” way? And do we really want someone to love us out of a sense of obligation? Be careful of not projecting onto another what you can’t find the answers to within yourself. Love and hate truly are two sides of the same coin.

The message here is one of accepting that no person, nor relationship is perfect. Idealizing is disappointment waiting to happen. For rarely do things live up to our imagination — fear or fantasies. If we are going to seek an ideal, it may as well be that we learn to accept another wholly for who they are and their presence in our lives. Without feeling the need to necessarily be able to define something or how we feel.

Love, true love is eternal — its the essence of and the closest we come to experiencing God within, and any relationship that helps us recognize our own inherent divinity is one to be cherished and experienced not labeled or caged.

On that note, a very Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there. I also know this can be a difficult day for the many who miss their Mother right now but again know there is love — and love never dies.

— Priya Kale, NYC


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