Moon enters Scorpio; Mars squares North Node and trines Pluto in Scorpio; Sun opposite Great Attractor

Mercury is direct again and we are reaching a deeper and definitely more realistic understanding at the events unfolding. We are slowly moving into new territory, on Tuesday Venus sextiled the triple conjunction in Aquarius. This may have felt like a warm gale sweeping through those wounds and dreams igniting and healing them as she [Venus] blazed through. Around midnight [last night] in NYC and early Wednesday mornings she also made a trine to the Galactic Core bringing perhaps an experience of divine passion or a wiser understanding in the depths of the heart.

The Moon is now in Libra and enters Scorpio later today at 5:43 PM EST (10:43 PM GMT) as she grows full leading up to the Full Moon in Sagittarius over the weekend. We can expect the intensity to rise over the next few days bringing deep emotions to the surface.

Also the rulers of Scorpio Mars and Pluto meet in an aspect early Thursday in the UK and late Wednesday night in NYC, as Mars (now in Taurus) makes  solid earth trine to Pluto in Capricorn. This is an extremely powerful aspect stabilizing and transforming to the core, unearthing real tangible potential.

With the Moon in Scorpio where we are willing to dive and dig deep we are more than likely to uncover pure gold. This could be deeply sensual energy as well as a financially stabilizing aspect giving us reason to have faith that things may not be falling apart after all. If we can recognize the value of something and work towards letting go of old rules in favor of building on what is real — there can be a resurrection.

Mars will also square the North Node suggesting we are turning a corner towards our very real destiny. With aspects like this its best to just observe life rather than look for meaning. Not everything may make sense right now, but events unfolding whether we realize it or not are taking us closer to our very real destiny.

Also the Sun tomorrow will oppose the Great Attractor. This may be a polarizing aspect — try not to analyze something too much. Rather than try to rationalize something, understand that no two people in the world will EVER have the same perspective — the mind is subjective. This is the Great Attractor in Sagittarius — reminding us that truth is something so vast, the mind cannot comprehend it unless it moves past its perceptions and natural dual state.

As I always like to say, there is room for everyone’s truth and the most we can do is acknowledge that we may see the world differently but that does not make any one view point less or more valid. If anything in being able to see the world differently than another and still connect on a core level is what brings greater strength understanding and growth for both/all people involved — expanding our borders.

Speaking of Sagittarius and God — last summer a reader wrote to me asking me if I would participate in a small project being created for the relaunch of Atlantic Magazine called — ‘Think. Again.’ a documentary, asking random questions to see if people still think for themselves in today’s age of the Internet.

They asked me — Was God an Accident? To which I laughed and said something to the effect of — that’s like looking at the Sistine Chapel and asking if Michaelangelo was an accident. This world we live in is proof enough to me of a divine creator, now whether we were an accident is a whole different question… (You can watch the Video Clips at this link.)

— Priya Kale, NYC


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