Venus in Aries sextiles Chiron, Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius

Welcome to June everyone!

We are standing in a whole new world from May. Mercury has stationed direct in Taurus, Mars has moved into Taurus and Venus will join this week. The planets in Aquarius made their first exact conjunction to each other and now Chiron and Neptune have stationed retrograde (with Jupiter soon to follow) suggesting a need for inner healing, reflection and awareness.

Mars in Taurus can be an unstoppable force, pushing through inertia to gain momentum. This is is very sensual, sexual, earthy creative energy we are experiencing likely to change our view of the potential that lies in wait for us. It is also likely to bring proof of abundance and resources we may have thus failed to recognize.

Tomorrow, on June 2, 2009, Venus sextiles the triple conjunction Aquarius. Venus first entered Aries this year on Feb. 02, 2009 and went through her retrograde phase through the sign from Mar. 6 to Apr. 17 this year. It may have felt like being put through a trial by fire, but this has been a necessary journey of deep recognition of our personal, financial, creative desires. Perhaps the biggest lesson though has been one of acknowledgment of what drives us towards the pursuit of pleasure and the discovery of ones own creative fire.

Now as she gets ready to move out of the sign and makes these aspects this is the culmination, learning and release of all those heart lessons we’ve learned over the past weeks. Venus is in a fire sign and in an opening sextile to the triple conjunction in an air signs this fanning flames of creative and sexual energy and healing. Financially as well — where we are willing to dare and open our heart to a grand vision – there can be healing and hope where there has been a  sense of woundedness.

Venus in Aries is the raw power of divine creation and as she moves into Taurus we will likely begin to see the tangible fruits of our efforts. This is about finding what makes the heart happy and going after it like a warrior goddess that knows no fear — and is only fueled by the volcanic, passion of her heart.

— Priya Kale, NYC


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