Moon in Aries | Juno in Aries trines the Galactic Center

Hello all,

A quick check in after yesterday’s endless blog. [I realized this morning I had Mercury trine my natal Jupiter in Gemini yesterday, which makes complete sense on the endlessness of it.]

Yesterday there were two conjunctions between Venus-Jupiter and Neptune-Chiron. In spite of the pain, hopefully you can see there is a softer benevolent presence. I have to admit though I know times are tough and everyone I know seems to praying for a small miracle, myself included. But at times like these when faith is tested is when we have the opportunity to experience the most magic and healing.

The Moon is now in Aries – past her opposition to Saturn and square to Pluto early Wednesday morning in the US. The toughest part is behind us now and the Aries Moon is fired up, pushing us to take charge of our lives.

Later this evening in the US, late night in the UK and early Thursday in Australia the Moon sextiles Mercury in Aquarius, making it easier to have important conversations. With the Moon in Aries it will be easier to speak for one’s individual needs but give another same space to be heard. This is likely to bring greater clarity, clearing the air.

Also today Juno makes a powerful trine to the Galactic Center. Relationships are likely to benefit from this transit, as is our own sense of independence. We are learning are primal desires as well the sacredness of our connection with another. This aspect is drawing us into those relationships that take us closer to a divine wisdom – leading us into the heart of God.

— Priya Kale, NYC


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