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Dear Friends,

We’re moving forward from the recent New Moon. The energy peaks today with major aspects in the sky as Venus conjuncts Jupiter in Pisces and Neptune conjuncts Chiron in Aquarius. Venus in Pisces is allowing us to access to an infinite pool of sublime creative energy. Jupiter’s influence is expansive and benevolent one and the conjunction can be a profoundly soothing influence. This conjunction is overflowing with financial, emotional, creative and romantic [yes I said it] opportunities.

We can skim the surface or go as deep as we choose. If we want to experience a deeper depth of ecstasy and intimacy, we’ve got to be willing to dive in, open up and dissolve in feeling. Surrender the expectation of what form something takes or comes in and there could be an experience of swirling in divine ecstasy. This is a more subtle ethereal energy, so follow a heart song and paint the world with colors of your soul.

Either way we can’t go “wrong” with this kind of an aspect. This is about learning to trust the wisdom of existence itself. Be it love, money or creativity — it’s all energy and right now the veil is thin. We just have to be open to receive and humble enough to ask for the help we need. Also surrender expectation of what form something takes or comes in. Especially when it comes to love, be open to receive and give generously. What’s the point of rolling in money, if you don’t have people you love to share it with? Love, money, creativity are all manifestations of the divine feminine.

It is important to remember with Pisces — we are talking about the whole. Which includes the “good” and the “bad.” See through the “illusion” with the wisdom of the heart. Jupiter always warns of excess but as long as we are wise in our choices, emotionally and tangibly we may experience a small miracle.

Earlier tonight (it’s now 3:30 AM EST on Tuesday) I was watching the National Geographic channel and they are currently playing a new series called “A Traveller’s Guide to the Planets” on Venus and Mercury. The “words” used by the commentators  were not so different from what an “astrologer” would use to metaphorically describe energy. “Venus the Goddess of Love — she will melt your heart and crush your defenses at the same time.” “Venus is a picture of coolness and calm but shrouded in mystery.” They were obviously talking about the atmospheric and physical conditions on the planet.

But isn’t this also our experience of ‘love’ sometimes? Somewhere along the way — many of us learn love equals pain. It may be true that when we invite pleasure we invite pain. But this is only mental duality. The physical atmospheric conditions on Mercury are extremes of fire and ice, on the near and far side from the Sun. Much like the duality of Mercury and the “mind.” Love has no opposite. Venus exalted in Pisces is a speaks the same truth of the poets and mystics. Bliss, love, ecstasy or what is called ‘Sat Chit Anand’ is indeed our natural non-dual state of being.

“Reading” astrology is a mystical art. Ancient astronomers and astrologers knew this when they studied and assigned planets their properties. Well before we had scientific “proof” of pictures from  probes landing on planets to give us the data. The more we focus on the physical — the more we miss the ethereal. Rather than focus on one or the other, or be attached to “form” — it’s time to see with an all encompassing “eye.” This is Universal knowledge we EACH have access to.

In ancient times, there was no separation between astronomers and astrologers. Somewhere along the way ‘science’ separated itself from a greater whole. I was actually shocked at the close-mindedness (putting it mildly) a few months ago when I saw a YouTube clip with Carl Sagan (whose work I have enjoyed over the years since I was a child) talking about Astrology and Astronomy, dismissing Astrology. I started writing up a blog/article which I will get back to and post soon enough.

With so much Neptunian and Piscean energy in the sky, there can be true healing on a soul level But there is also a an absolute need for awareness. As a precaution don’t get carried away in fantasy NOR and more importantly a cloud of gloom and despair. With Neptune and Chiron the message is always awareness and truth is always liberating albeit painful at times. Chiron’s energy transcends from the ‘physical’ to the ‘spiritual.’ Bringing a recognition that energy is energy and the two are not separate other than in perception.

When working with clients, I look at their Chiron transits. The way these transits manifest is unique for everyone but there is generally a recurring theme; giving us a reflective understanding of the greater unfolding story of their spiritual journey. It is specifically powerful in going deeper into the source of any subconscious wounding we may carry. In many way’s personally I feel is strongly representative of our life’s healing work. Ultimately there is a realization that what one sees as their greatest curse, is often in fact their greatest gift. Expect there to be some recognition of this now.

We store pain in our body and Chiron transits are specifically ‘designed’ to bring a release to this energy so we don’t carry it forth. Chiron is strong acting force in any chart with health problems. This is generally a deeper sign of some blockage which is then solidifying biologically to create physical problems — be it weight gain or loss, back aches or any other diseases. This is simply a sign of blockage in the flow of Chi. When we release emotional baggage, we can literally shed weight and ‘miraculously’ cure ailments.

Another day I will also write a blog on the stigma of being “fat.” Which is more often than not, a sign of stored emotional pain. There may be psychological issues embedded from the early stages of life coming to the surface now. But the more we can “owns” the pain and release it, the greater the healing and liberation.

Just as the Saturn return at the age of 30 represents a coming of age. The Uranus opposition at the age of 42 — when one has the potential to experience a spiritual awakening. Naturally this differs from person to person, depending on your personal spiritual work and evolution. Similarly at the age of 50, we experience a Chiron return, signifying essentially a rebirth of consciousness. These are mark important stage of evolution within a person’s life.

There are many ‘Buddhas’ walking among us, unseen by our veiled perception. There is a reason we say someone is “chosen” — for as much as we create our destiny with our choices, we are chosen vehicles for a greater mission. At some point the “self” dissolves in the greater cosmic ocean — where only the will of the creator lives on through us. We don’t have to “believe” in God for God to exist. Shouldn’t Creation be proof enough of the Creator? We don’t have to believe in God for God to believe in us. Similarly we don’t have to “believe” in astrology, for it to work. Astrology is just a study of planetary cycles, bringing us insight into the divine wisdom of stars, the Universe and very cosmic energy we are each made of.

Neptune represents the soul, it is also the ruler of Pisces. It’s conjunction to Chiron is bringing a rapid transformation of awareness collectively as well as on a very individual level. Expect important stories to surface in the news. Perhaps surrounding health care. Although I would say don’t be too quick to “fall” for something. There is plenty of goodwill but still — it’s best to use an inner discretion with anything that sounds too good to be true. Nor be inclined despair at something that seems like “bad” news. Aquarius asks we go beyond the duality of the mind and simply experience with a deeper awareness.

On a personal level — there can be great healing as long we can first become aware of the wounds. Again here with Neptune and Chiron, what feels like one’s greatest curse is likely pointing to the very aspect that is actual fact our greatest Gift. There may be a deep longing for acceptance among one’s peers or community — but again first must come self-acceptance. This can be rapidly cleansing and transformational process, which if worked through consciously can help crystallize a growing awareness of soul truth. Pay attention to your deepest yearnings. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed with the energy which — literally “breathing” out the energy might help. Find fresh air or open spaces and take a deep breath.

Aquarius is also a reminder of the grace of humility to see us through our darkest hours. The phrase “humility precedes true greatness” in fact describes the magic and revolutionary nature of Aquarius the best. It’s not “knowing” or thinking one can effect change, but believe to believe in something with each breath of one’s being. Only you can define your success. And if we don’t make success the goal, we can never fail. Find the courage to live your truth regardless of what anyone thinks. Not selfishly, but knowing that in following a calling and inner truth, we are indeed acting in the best interests of all — the collective.

— Priya Kale, NYC, Feb. 16, 2010


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