Uranus squares Juno, Mercury trines Neptune, New Moon in Libra

On Monday Sep. 29, 2008 at 3:12 AM in New York, 8:12 AM in the UK and 6:12 PM in Australia the Sun and Moon will make a conjunction in Libra marking the New Moon. Among aspects at this time Mercury is retrograde, Venus is in Scorpio and Mars in Libra is in a close approaching sextile to Pluto. Also right before the New Moon, on Saturday Uranus squares Juno and on Sunday Mercury trines Neptune.

You will have to wait for the “plain English” version until tomorrow, but I just wanted to give a run down of some of the major the aspects for those interested. In short we are getting profound new start in our relationships if we are willing to let go of the past and do things differently. This is about going forward to the beginning, or rather a new start to an old story.

Yesterday’s blog and responses really got me feeling (I was about to say thinking — but thats far from the right word.) It made me really take a look at the way I live my life and how I am in my relationships and how much better I could be. With the New Moon in Libra the sign of relationships and our mirror equal I guess now is as good a time for reflection as any. Use this time to release all that ties you to the past. It doesn’t mean letting go of someone or something, rather surrendering all your own negativity that stands in the way of your own fulfillment. Uranus and Juno are asking us to break free of our own inner boundaries and any resentments we’ve been hanging on to.

What are relationships anyway, other than an outward reflection of ourselves. With every relationship we form, be it a friend or a lover — it opens us up to a whole new world within us that never existed until the other came along. But its also true that some of the most challenging relationships are also the most transformative ones that help (although it may not seem like it at the time) us grow into our potential. They come into our life holding the heavy hand of karma that prevents us from moving forward. But if we try, we can now consciously resolve our issues with astrology on our side.

I will be back with the New Moon report — which includes a detailed interpretation of the aspects and upcoming weather forecast for the next two weeks leading to the Aries Full Moon.

— Priya Kale, NYC


In the meanwhile, heres a poem that has been running through my head today, in light of yesterday’s blog. It’s a poem by Adrienne Rich, who I am honored to share a birthday with. She speaks my soul truth more poetically than I ever could.


After all – to have loved, wasn’t that the object?

Love is the only thing in life

but then you can love too much

or the wrong way, you lose

yourself or you lose

the person

or you strangle each other

Maybe the object of love is

to have loved


at one time or another

Like a cinema trailer

watched long ago

— Adrienne Rich, The School Among the Ruins

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