Scorpio Full Moon: An Unfurling Mystery…

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We’re under the energy of an alchemical Scorpio Full Moon exact at 11:08 AM UT on May 17, 2011 at 26+ degrees of the sign, with the Sun in Taurus.

Emotions are reaching a boiling point leading to a deep transformation and resurrection with important personal commitments, relationships especially sexual, intimate relationships and financial situations.

It can even feel like the death of something. But what is ‘dying’ is only the ‘darkness’ so it can give way to an eternal light and truth. Something has to die in its current form to reveal its true form. The less we try to control something that is evolving naturally the easier will be the transformation and transition.

All the personal planets are now in Taurus — Mercury, Venus and Mars are in a close triple conjunction, and just before the Full Moon, Mercury and Venus make an exact conjunction and sextile Neptune in Pisces – which can be a rather magical, lucrative and sensual aspect.

This is extremely fertile energy for financial negotiations as well as conversations within personal relationships. Communication can get deep, intimate, real and soulful if we let it. Be fluid, imaginative, gentle and creative. As long as we remain grounded and not too stuck in our opinions there is a sweeter easier way forward.

Money and possessions are not something we carry into the beyond with us. What matters is how we use our resources and share them in this life so we can create a better life for us and all we care about. Even relationships are not something we possess, what connects us is the love that was “shared,” and real love remains long after the body has ‘died.’

What we want is to be able to “attract” love and intimacy — not force or will someone into submission. It’s when we feel out of control that we seek to control the external. Once we are able to release darker energy, let go of painful attachments and emotional baggage, we can clear the way for a richer, sweeter and more sensual, divine reality to reveal itself.

On May 20, 2011 Mars trines Pluto in Capricorn – suggesting we are due to see solid changes very soon. It will require persistence, commitment, dedication and determination to get the job done – but it can be done. Where there is a will there is a way. Rome wasn’t built in a day and the Full Moon is revealing the relationships and situations that are worth the investment of our energy.

Trines are ‘easy’ aspects but to make the most of their potential they need to be worked with consciously. Especially with Pluto in Capricorn, consciously let go of subconscious expectations surrounding failure and success that stand in the way of progress, what is real, and what is really important. You define your success, not the other way around.

On May 21, 2011 Venus and Mercury follow suit, bringing great potential for resolution and stabilization within financial situations and important personal commitments. Again, learn to surrender expectations, but nurture what is precious.

There is a sense of having to dig for gold in the rubble of the past. But with a little effort there can be renewed understanding of a situation and potential we’ve previously missed. An opportunity is solid and very much worth the effort – this is a diamond in the rough.

Venus is the ruler of Taurus, and in this sign she wants and expects nothing but the best. Of course she gives nothing less the best in return. There is nothing half hearted about this energy. With Mercury in close conjunction one’s word is one’s worth, so find integrity in your communication and avoid being too stubborn in your negotiations. It will require the ability to follow through on ones commitments. But choose from the heart and invest in the relationships and situations you value and they will reward you.

Creative ideas you have now are fertile and solid but require consistent nurturing. The trine to Pluto in Capricorn suggests if we can let go of attachments to superficial desires, designer labels, power, ‘titles,’ or even ideas of success — we can unearth something truly priceless. Be humble, but aware of your potential. Give your best to what is worth it to you, without expectations of the fruits – the time to reap will come.

On May 23, Venus and Mars conjunct in Taurus making an extremely fertile aspect bringing us to an opposite and more realistic understanding of a situation or relationship, from back in early October 2010 when something was changing deeply.

(I’ve explained the aspect in greater detail in this month’s May Astrology Overview sent out to Subscribers at the beginning of the month. I will post the report on the site later in the month so check back in, or you can signup now to receive it in your mailbox.)

We are also now entering Eclipse season with the Gemini New Moon and Solar Eclipse only 2 weeks away. Eclipses are a time when we are more aligned with our destiny and the coming Eclipse is due to present you with a important choice setting you on the path to your destiny.

As you move through this Scorpio Full Moon move past surface emotions to learn a deeper truth about what someone or something really means to you.  The Sun is in Taurus the sign that rules one’s “values” – the things, people and ideas we value and are important to us. It is really the heart of an individual that determines the worth of something or someone to him or her, rather than the external object in question.

What matters right now not what has gone wrong in the past, but how much you cherish something in the present. By the time of the New Moon and Solar Eclipse we will be starting a new cycle, and the insights you are having now will prove to be an invaluable compass in guiding you to make the choices that are right for you.

Taurus and Scorpio is the axis that most relates with the mysteries of life, death, birth, money, sex, re-birth, transcendence and our attachments to the material plane.
Significantly, the Scorpio Full Moon marks ‘Buddha Pornima,’ the night when Buddha “attained” ‘Enlightenment’ or ‘Nirvana.’ This is ultimately the destiny of each human and sentient living being and is deeply revealing of the alchemical mystery of the Taurus-Scorpio axis.

Scorpio represents at its depth – ego death. We don’t carry our riches into the beyond; the body too dies. But until the ego dies, we are forever bound to this karmic cycle of birth, re-birth and suffering. Scorpio also rules sex, which is why an orgasm [ego death] can bring us an experience and taste of this very physical [Taurus] state of blissful ‘surrender.’

But as Michael Lutin once astutely observed ‘if we get too attached to the fruits of this world (be it money or sex) – we end up in the underworld.’ And this ‘hell’ is usually of our own making [as is heaven.]

This doesn’t mean we all have to become hermits and live an existence of celibacy and poverty. Rather the energy suggests if we don’t cling to superficial and surface material comforts for security, there can be realization of the abundance, intimacy, love, deep sensual pleasures and the gift of life that is ours to share and enjoy.

In reality we control nothing, we only have the illusion of control. Only in letting go of this illusion, the ego and one’s attachments to both pleasure and pain, can there be an experience of transcendental bliss, while still here in the flesh.

There is a deep mystery unfurling and revealing itself with this Scorpio Full Moon and we are being invited to go deeper. As I wrote in a recent horoscope for Taurus, this Full Moon is a reminder that the shore does not need to cling to the ocean.

Taurus is the sign ruled by Venus: as long as we keep with hearts as full as the Moon, we can attract the resources, love, creative inspiration we need on our journey through changing tides. And the more we can surrender to the unknown, the easier it will be to experience greater love, intimacy, stability, abundance and prosperity; allowing what is real and fertile a chance to grow and reveal itself fully.

Dive deep as you follow a dream in your heart…

— Priya Kale, Mumbai, May 17, 011


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TAURUS (till May 22, 2011)

“Venus your ruler enters your sign this week, and after a long period of groping through the dark you should finally start to feel like yourself again. But a Full Moon in your opposite sign, is intensifying an important relationship or situation revealing a deeper truth. A situation is changing profoundly and you are learning how someone truly feels about you, and equally importantly how you feel about him or her and how something makes you feel about yourself. Communication will be key to healing a situation but recognize the darker emotions you need to release, so there can be an honest exchange rather than letting opinions stand in the way of progress. Be fluid, but persistent and let go of expectations and preconceived notions of what something should look like, you will see just how fertile your reality is. You have friends and a kind Universe who wants to support you and a partner who is most definitely on your side. You are blessed, gifted, precious, beautiful and loved. The more you are able to open your heart – the more you will be open to having it touched in real and surreal ways. As you will see, dreams can come true.

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