Scorpio Moon, Mercury conjunct Jupiter, Sun conjunct Juno…

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It’s a little after midnight on Sunday here in NYC, the Moon is minutes away from entering Scorpio. This marks the last quarter of the Moon as we head towards a very powerful New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Aquarius forming a stunning stellium with other planets in the sign including Jupiter — in one word this is ‘big.’

Eclipses are always a powerful time for change and bring fated events. This one especially so given we are entering a very, very different year than anything we’ve seen. Near eclipses its like a portal opens allowing us a glimpse into our greater destiny. We can go willingly or completely refuse to take the cue and miss the boat. Events unfolding in our lives now have the potential to take us far into the future and it’s important we have faith in our dreams.

Also today a retrograde Mercury conjuncts Jupiter in Aquarius and the Sun conjuncts Juno. Jupiter will also be in a tight conjunction to the New Moon next week. It may be that we are getting a hint of what is to come, but with Mercury retrograde this is more like a deep insight or perhaps a profound revelation. Mercury and Jupiter rule opposite signs of the zodiac, representing opposite energies.

If you do nothing, do this — be receptive and as thought-less as possible – in all situations, conversations and negotiations. You never know when idea could be floating through the ether just waiting to be noticed. What we learn has the potential to expand our consciousness and understanding of something. Don’t be too attached to what form the message come in either. It could be dream, a strong intuition, a passing remark, a conversation or a sudden flash of inspiration that leaves you slapping your head in amazement. Whatever you do – keep an open mind and empty thoughts and perceptions for something new to come in.

With the Sun conjunct Juno this could be particularly enlightening about our relationships and may give us a deep insight into our patterns. Juno’s energy can represent the bone of contention within an otherwise fulfilling relationship. Mythologically, Juno was the wife of Jupiter and withstood many of his trysts and affairs while remaining loyal to him. Personally, I’ve been researching this asteroid a lot and hope to put together a book someday soon.

What could help right now is if we let go of any ideas or perceptions of what is “socially” acceptable within a relationship. Its funny how much we let society define the rules of a relationship, when each person on this planet is completely unique with their own needs, wants and desires. And then to add to that we mix one person’s personality with another’s, while still carrying impressions and perceptions of the past, continuing to project fears and compound our issues.

I always say people and relationships are like colors of a rainbow. I may be ‘red’ and if I met someone ‘yellow’ we could make ‘orange’, or perhaps ‘purple’ with someone ‘blue,’ or ‘pink’ with someone ‘white.’ How can the same set of rules apply in each case? In Capricorn, we need to avoid looking for something that is superficially rewarding. If we can get past the need for “approval” from another and be willing to work together as a team we could form very constructive, lucrative, successful partnerships — financially and emotionally.

Whatever comes through, with the Moon in Scorpio be ready to dive deep. We can expect a general rise in the intensity over the next couple of days. It is likely there has been a huge release of emotion since the Cancer Full Moon and now this is bringing us to a turning point as we head towards the New Moon. A Scorpio Moon suggests something may seem like a deep mystery, or perhaps there are darker emotions and situations we are dealing with. This can be a difficult placement for the Moon as  here we can experience the pain of feeling too much. But in allowing ourselves to feel, trust we are being cleansed and intuitively guided towards a release and resurrection of spirit.


On another note — the 2009 Year Ahead Horoscopes are coming along and I have decided to release them on the day of the eclipse on Jan. 26, 2009. If you have already ordered the horoscopes please check your mail box on that day, if not you can order now at this link.

Its been interesting to look at the year so in-depth ahead of time and the intensity of the alignments this year is sure to leaving us gaping in awe at the experiences coming our way. The stunning triple conjunction in Aquarius with Chiron, Neptune and Jupiter is as transcendental as it gets. And it all begins now.

I will be back in a couple of days and check in. This is a rather loaded week… for now dive deep and enjoy (ha) Scorpio Moon!

— Priya


Here’s a song by Pink Floyd that describes my life, kind of like my Scorpio rising and apt for this Scorpio Moon I feel… Fearless...

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