Taming the beast… Venus squares Pluto, Saturn opposes Uranus

Right now the energy feels a bit like — trying to put out a fire inside, while trying to keep your finger in the dam holding the flood outside.

We are just past a powerful Eclipse in Aquarius. What are you doing to make and break patterns in the now? Saturn and Uranus meet in their second opposition tomorrow, the day of the Venus-Pluto square. Needless to say situations are coming to a head and we are reaching a turning point. The magic of astrology, its power and divine secret lies not in us being able to predict a future, but learning to “respond” in the “now.” Horoscopos is a greek word that loosely translated means a look at the hour. Not tomorrow at 8 PM or next month or next year…

Eclipses always bring truth to the surface and if it feels like the earth is shaking for you. Ask yourself what you are doing to respond constructively to a situation? Saturn is retrograde in Virgo, this about inner re-structuring to make way for creative inspiration of Uranus in Pisces — asking us to boldly color outside the lines. The more shaken up you feel by recent event – the greater I would suggest is the need to go deeper inside and seek a higher wisdom. As I mentioned in an earlier blog this is energy that needs to and will earth itself. Fear and resistance only stand in the path of the inevitable circle of life.

Events are conspiring in way to awaken us to a soul truth. Saturn in Virgo says, it may mean a lot of hours and hard work, but if we know we are working towards a divine vision and mission, we can treat it as a labor of love. When it comes to love and relationships, this is not a time for the weak hearted. We are being asked to push through emotional walls and insecurities that keep us from experiencing unconditional love. It may mean re-building confidence and healing from the inside out. But every relationship is only that – a mirror for growth and healing. Of the self and the other. In healing another we are healed and vice versa.

In an Aquarius ruled sky, with Mars just having entered the sign — the people in your life are your greatest resource. Uranus in Pisces is asking us to dissolve the boundaries that separate us. It’s easy to love and forgive family — because we have to. Jesus did not need to say “Love your mother;” he said “Love they neighbor” and “Turn the other cheek.” Change always happens from the inside out — any external situation is only a catalyst and opportunity for that change to take seed.

Venus is exalted in Pisces, the cosmic divine where she can flow in unencumbered in divine surrender. Birthed in Aries, the sign of unbridled passion – here she is a wild beautiful beast. Venus is in Aries, says what is passion worth to you? Raging in her fiery desire, curious, childlike and innocent, but touching Pluto its like she’s playing with fire. Pluto speaks of darker fears that control us. We need to deal with these consciously if we don’t want to get burned. A square aspect suggests, we can be our own worst enemy if we are not careful.

Pluto in Capricorn asks: how much do the rules and trappings of society and material success govern your life? And is there ever a right time for love? How much financial security do you need before you feel you can enjoy love and invest in your emotional life and relationships? How much does power control and success stand in the way of reaching greater intimacy within your relationships? How much do you allow other peoples perceptions to rule your life and heart or purse? Love is an action, not a verb.

What do you do when faced with your worst fears? Do you give in to selfish desires and use manipulation to get what you want? Or satiate yourself with material comfort? When what the inner child needs is learning self-less acceptance and a realistic understanding of ones OWN power. To confront fear we need to follow it through to the end. What is the worst that can happen in your to any of us? We die. Or rather life as we know it — ends. Pluto is the God of the Underworld – he represents the end of the road; the ‘full stop’ between life and the after life; transformation masked as ‘death’ leading us into the unknown — the land of the phoenix, if we dare.

And what is life is not a series of moments, each one bleeding into the next? Again remember, Venus is exalted in Pisces and the ruler of Taurus; she knows how to manifest divine abundance on an earthly plane. Aries is the sign of self, of ‘becoming’ – in this sign, we need become and embody Venus. Venus in Aries says what is life if not lived with passionately, embracing our divine feminine, creating our ‘now,’ like children in this great playground of life.

Days like these when the sky is thundering, I call on all my good Taurus nature to remind me, as long as I am breathing with a roof over my head, I am ‘ok’ in the now. Given that you are reading these words, you have access to the internet — which in today’s terms is the world at your fingertips. As I was reminded this morning and any good Plutonian knows — “the only way ‘out’ is ‘through’.” But if that is true, when Venus meets Pluto: the only way ‘through’ — is with love. We are heading towards the Leo Full Moon — We don’t need to kill the beast, just tame it and ride the waves of passion.

A square is always a sign of an internal resolution that needs to happen. This is a turning point but which way are you going to direct this energy? In the hands of fear or courage? Aries is the sign ruled by Mars, the warrior, this is Goddess warrior in us taking charge, with her feminine wisdom of receptivity. Given the other aspects today with the opposition we are clearly turning a corner. Remember the path of least resistance is the quickest road to a breakthrough with least damage.

Perhaps if we just let go a little, we can open ourselves to a little miracle waiting to rush in, soothe the soul and put out those hellishly consuming fears.

— Priya Kale, NYC


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