Venus in Aries, Mars enters Aquarius, Moon in Gemini

There’s something in the air alright, you could snap the tension like a rubber band. Tomorrow Saturn opposes Uranus and Venus squares Pluto.

I’ve had a few grueling days myself and nothing I do is fast enough to catch up with everything that needs to be done. Aside from trying to organize my life so I can leave it for a few weeks, I ended up doing two additional consultations because of a reshuffle which pushed back my writing schedule even further — the February horoscopes which will be up later today. But I had to get the blog out for what’s coming up so I’m writing that now, so please check this space shortly for an updated blog.

And oh, Venus is in Aries now, the Moon in Gemini and Mars enters Aquarius today — this is fanning the flames for communication within relationships. So speak up.

Back soon,


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