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Dear Friends,

Here we are at the end of 2012. A year that has been challenging for most, myself included, bringing us to a  crossroads personally and certainly globally.

I was joking with a couple of friends about Uranus stationing direct in Aries yesterday, being like a fire being lit under our arses to wake up. I never imagined it would mark another devastating episode of shooting, at an elementary school nonetheless. In a grim moment like this all we can do is offer our prayers and strength to those grieving.

It almost seems pointless to look up at the sky, when there are atrocities taking place under our noses. But still the sky reflects a deep message right now that we could do well to learn from and pay heed to. With this extreme manifestation of Uranus we have the shock factor, explosive energy, lunacy; it’s direct station in Aries is this force being propelled like a direct blast of fiery energy. Aries among others represent blood, children, rage, anger.

Uranus ongoing square to Pluto is demanding we wake up to reality. Change or die seems to be the message here. And Pluto in Capricorn is showing us the darker reality of archaic [gun control] laws and the Second Amendment which need to be closely examined if not changed; and a health care system that needs to be reformed or these are the deadly consequences we face.

This tragedy occurred only a day after the New Moon in Sagittarius. By the time of the Full Moon in Cancer (marking the end of this cycle) the Sun will be in close conjunction to Pluto, triggering the Uranus Pluto square suggesting we could solid signs of change and progress.

With Moon Full in Cancer the sign of the child and the mother, there could be pressure to change or amend laws, so we can be better protected and protect the innocent. In fact mothers and parents, uniting in this cause could be the key to the change that is needed.

We’re just past a Sagittarius New Moon asking us to clarify a vision. We can’t change the past, but with awareness and necessary action we can create a more hopeful future.

With Love,



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