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Dear Friends,

Venus is in Pisces now, where she is exalted and will transit through the sign until Feb. 8, 2012. When a planet is said to be “exalted” in a sign, it brings out the best and highest qualities of both the planet and the sign. Here we get a picture of Venus the divine Goddess emerging from the sea of primordial consciousness (Pisces). (Here is an old post on Venus in Pisces.)

Pisces is the sign that represents God, or our experience of God as an ethereal, palpable presence, rather than our ‘knowledge’ of God, which is the domain of Sagittarius. Venus is the Goddess of creation and this transit could indeed have us feeling that we are in the heart of God, and hopefully a recognition that God dwells in our hearts.

Over the next 3 1/2 weeks we have an incredible opportunity to get in touch with the depth of our own hearts and discover unconditional love, something that is easier said than done.

Especially now, as Venus makes a conjunction to Chiron tomorrow, there may be bitter-sweet realizations, seeing someone’s true colors, perhaps even a feeling of disillusionment or disappointment. But often what pains or disillusions us are our own expectations, surface attractions, or fantasies that we project on others or situations. It’s easy to love and care for people when they live up to our expectations, or because they do something for us, or for what we receive from them.

But this sort of conditional love never fails to disappoint. Even the people we love the most and who love us, can hurt us unconsciously. This doesn’t make them any less worthy of our love. But one’s ability to forgive, not just on the surface, but from the depths is the only measure of how much we let a higher love flow through us.

Relationships are a choice, but love, true love, as Venus in Pisces represents is unconditional, like the love God has for us. No doubt, we are human, but it is also true that God is alive in our hearts. When we withhold we stagnate. The more we are able to let go of power trips, forgive what pains us, and let the love flow from within the greater will be our experience of swirling in the Divine. With Chiron the message is always one of awareness, and the more we are aware of a truth in our own heart, there can be deep healing and liberation.

Venus in Pisces is energy that is highly conducive to romantic and creative pursuits, bringing an appreciation for music, art and all things beautiful. But beauty does indeed lie in the eye of the beholder and if something seems less than ideal, then perhaps its our own heart and fantasies we need to look into before judging something as shallow or an impossible dream.

Use your imagination and be open to inspiration. When one’s own heart is overflowing with love, then everything we see is an opportunity to experience infinite love, grace and beauty. Financially and creatively as well, then we can tap into an endless pool of resources allowing us to color our world beautiful and feel no lack.

A person’s wealth or true richness can be found in the measure and depth of their heart. Dive deep into your own heart and discover its eternal depth. Then you can watch magic unfold, spill over your life attracting all you need – be it material resources, or love, sweet love…




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