Life has been full of twists, turns, and detours lately. As you enter May you’re making valuable discoveries, liberating you to see your journey from a different perspective. Especially as the Lunar Eclipse aligns early in the month. You’re learning information asking you to let go of perceptions and beliefs, that prevent you from seeing a greater truth. Not all truth is easy to speak or hear, but it will set you free. Keep your sights on the big picture, be philosophical and you can make wise choices and solid progress towards long-term goals. Mid-month brings major revelations about the path ahead. It will call for a huge leap of faith, but reach for your most optimistic vision and your faith will be rewarded. Long-distance travel, foreign cultures, countries and connections, higher education, immigration, and legal matters, are some of the themes in focus. But at the highest level, the coming year marks a spiritual journey. Keep an open mind, as you explore new horizons pastures, long-term goals, and a greater truth that guides you. As Mars enters Leo and the Sun enters Gemini in the final week of the month, your career is in the spotlight — presenting you with important choices. Reflect on your goals and what success means to you. Also acknowledge subconscious fears, and desires surrounding success and failure, that prevent you from being wholly yourself. As you become aware of blindspots, and unconscious self-destructive patterns, you can make conscious choices moving ahead. This is a chance to align with a soul mission and passion, as you redefine what it means to be successful and live life on your terms.


Often what is most demanding of our attention is least consequential in the long-run, while life slowly slips us by. Pay attention to where you feed energy this month and keep sight of the big picture. Life and your relationships are evolving rapidly and powerfully, asking for deeper levels of surrender and trust. Consciously release power struggles, superficial attachments, cut your losses and take the high road. You don’t have total control, but you have the freedom to make choices in alignment with your values. As the Aries New Moon and Solar Eclipse align a fiery resurrection is allowing you to reclaim power in a situation where you’ve felt on the edge. In reality, you’re on the edge of a breakthrough. Revelations coming through are asking you to question what you think you know or what you once believed to be sacrosanct. Keep an open mind, be philosophical, let go and let God. Anything that falls apart is freeing you to explore opportunities that once seemed out of reach. There are detours ahead, but trust this is a necessary part of your journey. Be humble,  patient and you can make valuable, liberating discoveries. Events this month are setting in motion an 18 month phase of transformation. For a more personal in-depth look at your chart email me at to schedule a Consultation. I look forward to working with you!

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