Anais Nin famously said, “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage” and these are words for you to live by this month. Life is changing dramatically, profoundly, and powerfully, asking you to find your inner confidence. Your world is expanding and you have a lot to offer the world. Value yourself and allow space for a process of transformation in your relationships. A professional situation too is evolving. Now that you’ve seen the potential within you and it, re-evaluate your life goals, and vision as you explore the expansion opportunities. Financially and emotionally there’s gold to be mined. A close relationship is deepening to offer you more of the security you desire. Be true to your values and have more faith in yourself then you can negotiate win-win arrangements. Something you’ve hoped, dreamed, and wished for is within reach. Doors that were closed are opening. You have a lot to offer your community and may even be reconnecting with friends and partners. You’re not who you used to be, you’ve grown in wisdom and self-awareness. Confront the past honestly, but stay in the present. You can have what you want, but it starts be honest with yourself first. Then you can communicate honestly with others and reach a real breakthrough. Above all have more faith in yourself, and in the Universe — who is always listening and knows what you need without you having to ask. Life is a journey; wherever you go this month, be philosophical and go with all your heart.


You’ve been re-evaluating your identity, reaching a deeper understanding of your worth and values, and power in this world. Slowly but surely, as the planets gather in Taurus, you’re coming home to yourself. As the Scorpio Lunar Eclipse aligns, you’re seeing your relationships in a new light. You’re ending a cycle that began in November 2021, bringing a powerful release, transformation, and resurrection. Avoid clinging and allow space for changes. This is a chance to let go of your beliefs, ideas, subconscious fears, and mistrust that prevent you from seeing the truth about your relationships. Especially one close connection, where communication has been a hot spot, is deepening and sweetening in a surprising way. It’s been a long year of facing your deepest fears, blindspots, and life’s bigger unknowns. Trust – whatever you’ve dreamed for yourself, the Universe has dreamed bigger, and better, and you won’t have to wait too long for real proof. As Mercury stations direct, Jupiter enters Taurus, followed by the Taurus New Moon there are huge developments and revelations coming through. You’re in a personal new cycle, entering a year of exponential growth, (watch your diet!) pregnant (literally or metaphorically) with possibility. The world is finally starting to see your genius and gifts. Be humble, then you can truly achieve greatness. As Mars enters Leo, things are heating up at home. You may be moving in with a partner, entertaining guests, or perhaps it’s time for a housewarming or all of the above. A relationship is deepening, but confront your past and childhood honestly, then it needn’t cast a shadow on all that is bright golden, and blossoming. Luck is on your side and opportunity is knocking this year. Have more faith in yourself, as you welcome it in.


You’ve been soul searching, questioning life decisions, and whom you can trust. Your faith has been tested and a lot is unknown, but the Libra Full Moon is revealing the next steps. Reflect on your life, health, work, and daily routines. Acknowledge what is and isn’t working, and what needs to heal. With awareness, you can make healthier choices daily to restore balance. De-clutter, simplify, and beautify your workspace and life. Also, partners aren’t mind-readers – if you need help don’t be afraid to ask, share how you feel, and share your dreams. pay attention to who shows up and who listens. You’re waking up to subconscious beliefs, communication patterns, blind-spots, suppressed emotions, and insecurities that cast a shadow on your perceptions or cause unconscious self-sabotage. But the darkest hour is before dawn. As a powerful Solar Eclipse aligns in Aries, move inward to connect with your innermost divine Self within. Then trust and have faith in the Universe that pumps the blood in your veins, and sustains you, and your whole life, as you step into the light. Once the Sun ingresses and Mercury stations retrograde in Taurus, you’re entering a process of re-identification; re-evaluating who and what matters to you. Be honest with yourself as you unearth a deeper truth about yourself, your relationships, and your true worth. It’s at least twice as much as you think. Events this month are setting in motion an 18 month phase of transformation. For a more personal in-depth look at your chart email me at priya@cosmicdiaries.com to schedule a Consultation. I look forward to working with you!

Taurus – March 2017


Your ruler Venus stations retrograde this month in your 12th House, firing your subconscious and your dreams. A conversation with a friend, or something you hear through the grapevine is giving you pause for thought.

You can’t believe everything you hear, but there’s a lot more to a situation, someone, and you. Trust your intuition, be alert and aware, but avoid jumping to conclusions till you have solid proof. Whatever is triggering your emotions use this as an opportunity to become aware. You’re entering a soul search, awakening to secret desires and fears, even the ones you normally don’t dare to admit to yourself — regarding love, a relationship, money, success, failure, your worth, trust, abandonment, betrayal, looking like a fool, and your aspirations. Also acknowledge painful experiences that you need to release, fantasies and illusions that have in the past caused you disappointment. In existing relationships, this is a chance to deepen a connection on a soul level. If you’re single you have more secret admirers than you think, and there is someone in your life who is a soul-mate. But you well know these are someone of the most challenging relationships because they force us to grow. Remember your lessons then allow time and someone to reveal and prove themselves through actions. Also, I would advise against jumping into anything too quickly before Venus is direct and you have more clarity. Also ask yourself, if you are able to share yourself wholly – body and soul? Or do your fears prevent you from being yourself? A dream you have for your life, and perhaps a relationship need not remain a fantasy — but you can’t be attached to the form/person/circumstance it appears in. Clarify a vision and keep the space open for it to enter your life. Something is not as impossible as you think so be careful what you wish for and don’t be in a hurry to fill the void. At its essence, this is a spiritual journey, revealing to you your role in existence and here on earth. Trust whatever you’ve dreamed for yourself the Universe has dreamed it better.

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