As you enter June a powerful Sagittarius Full Moon, brings important revelations bringing you to a crossroads. Do you know what you want? Why do you want it? Do you know what’s good for you? And are your words and actions in alignment? Where are you going? Who is going with you? Life isn’t black and white and there’s a need for perspective. For every door that closes, another is opening wide; drawing you to your destiny. Keep an open mind, and stay focused on the big picture and your most optimistic vision. Then you can make wise choices and negotiate arrangements that bring tangible benefits and deepen your sense of security. A professional situation is evolving profoundly. Dare to follow your heart, be spontaneous, brave and have more faith in yourself, and your abilities, and accept and love yourself. You have the power to (re) shape your life in alignment with a soul vision. Toward the end of the month, you’re reaching an inner breakthrough and turning point, liberating you to share more of your heart, art, and unique talents. As you will see, what you’re seeking is closer to home than you think. You are safe, loved, admired, and supported by family, loved ones, and people near, and far. Opportunity is knocking -welcome it in!


You’ve been nesting; focused on matters of home, family, and your emotional and financial security. As May begins you’re in the process of re-evaluating your finances, closest commitments, and your values. As the Scorpio Lunar Eclipse aligns, consciously let go of power struggles, and childhood insecurities, as you dig deeper for your values and self-esteem. Hopefully, you’re starting to see (or soon will) that you have more than enough of what you need. As Jupiter ingresses Taurus, and the Taurus New Moon aligns, you’re entering a year of material and emotional growth, deepening your self-esteem. Invest in yourself, your well-being, and your future, and you could build a generous nest egg. As Mars enters Leo on May 20, life is drawing you out of your comfort zone to take a risk. As long as you remain true to your values, you needn’t worry about making a wrong choice. You are in a safe position financially, and have the support of family, loved ones, and a significant other. Have more faith in yourself and be honest about what matters most to you. It will take courage and confidence to dare to follow your passion. You may even raise a few eyebrows — that’s nothing new, but what’s new is you. You are not who you used to be — and you have every reason to be proud of who you are today and are becoming. Let go of expectations of others, focus on your happiness, and stay in the present. Your ability to be authentic and live your life on your terms is an inspiration and can spark a wave of much-needed change.


You’ve grown leaps and bounds since the year began, and you’re in the center of all the action in April. But as the Libra Full Moon aligns, there’s a need for balance between you and your relationships. If insecurities or past resentments are arising, release them consciously. A relationship is only as successful as its ability to meet both persons’ needs. What do you need to feel safe? What do you offer your relationships? Who feels like home? What were the patterns you saw played out in childhood? What are you leaving behind? Not all of this might be comfortable but release the past and childhood patterns consciously. It’s an ideal time to spring clean (metaphorically and literally), nest, and sink into the present as you welcome a new life. A second New Moon and Eclipse in Aries sets the trajectory of your life for the next 18 months. You’re releasing an old identity and re-birthing into the fullness of who you are today. Ask yourself – Who am I?  Be true to yourself as you step into the light bravely, fearlessly, and authentically. As the Sun ingress Taurus and Mercury stations retrograde you’re entering a process of re-evaluating emotional and financial investments. Dig deeper for your values, think win-win, and you can renegotiate arrangements successfully. You’re safe, loved, and your life is a gift. Be grateful, and be generous with your good fortune — there’s plenty to go around and then some. Events this month are setting in motion an 18 month phase of transformation. For a more personal in-depth look at your chart email me at to schedule a Consultation. I look forward to working with you!

Aries – March 2017

You should be feeling pretty fired up as the month begins with Mars and Venus transiting your sign. The world is changing and you’re at the center of the action.

You should be feeling pretty fired up as the month begins with Mars and Venus transiting your sign. The world is changing and you’re at the center of the action. You’ve always been a mover and shaker: with two Eclipses this month, this a chance for you to really go for something you’ve been dreaming about. Things may not turn out exactly as planned, but if you leave room for surprises, they might turn out better. The best you can do for now is let go of expectations and trust how you feel in your heart. It might feel risky, or make your vulnerable to put yourself out there — but this is not about anybody else, public perception or what others think. It would be a greater risk, to be anything less than your authentic self, and pass up a chance to be happy. All may be fair in love and war — but how do you want to play the game? Learn to love yourself, then you can disengage from drama — and give your attention where it is appreciated and inspire others with your vision. You can never please everyone, and those that love you will love you anyway. This is not a popularity contest; just strive to be authentic, best self, bring your “A game,” and play fair. At the end of the month, unexpected developments are drawing you inward on a deeper soul search. You might not have all the answers, but keep asking the questions rather than assume, or be in a hurry to define something. There’s more coming to the surface, and this is awakening you to subconscious desires you hadn’t previously dared to admit even to yourself. You might even experience doubts about something or someone, that you once felt fired up and very sure about. Again, take this as a cue to avoid projection or assumptions, for better or for worse. Be in no denial of your own feelings, even if they are ambiguous. Go slow, and trust more will be revealed in due time, showing you what you need to do help heal (and/or resolve) a complicated (perhaps emotional) situation or relationship.

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