May begins on an intense note. Your relationships are in focus, you’re having conversations, learning information, and life is changing from the inside out. As the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse align in Scorpio, expect a powerful emotional release marking the end of a personal transformation you’ve been in since November 2021. You’re having important revelations about yourself in the light of your relationships. Acknowledge how you feel, and consciously release emotional baggage and your ego. Then you can truly be liberated to explore the opportunities and potential opening up in front of you. Since 2018, your relationships have been steadily drawing you out of your comfort zone, to your future. Now as Jupiter ingresses Taurus, you’re entering a once in a 12-year period of growth in your relationships. Partners have a lot to offer and teach you. Existing relationships are deepening, and/or you could meet a significant other. There’s real material, emotional, and financial support in your world — but you have to learn to receive it. Even if this currently sounds far-fetched, clarify long-term goals, and pay attention to who walks alongside you. Later in the month, Mars ingresses Leo and the Sun enters Gemini and you’re ready to make some big moves. Life is evolving powerfully and you’re on top of your game. Be confident and proud of how far you’ve come. You have the support of significant others; have more faith in yourself as you rise to the occasion.


Life is evolving rapidly and daily in April, drawing you into the unknown. As the Libra Full Moon aligns early in the month, make time to pause rest and reflect. Do you love your life? Do you love your job? Do you sleep peacefully, knowing you’ve lived each day to its fullest? If not, what changes do you need to make to bring more joy into your world? Clarify your long-term goals, dreams, and acknowledge a secret aspiration. You don’t have all the answers, but take things a day at a time, trust your intuition and have faith as more is revealed. We live, learn and grow. we live, learn and grow. A Solar Eclipse and New Moon on April 20, marks a new beginning for your whole life. You could be starting a new job, new routine, perhaps even relocating for work. There’s healing on offer on all levels — mind, body, soul, and for your relationships. You have one life, you owe to yourself to live it to the best of your ability. As the Sun ingresses Taurus and Mercury stations retrograde, your relationships are in focus and partners are stepping up. You’re learning information and having conversations, revealing a deeper truth. There is real material, emotional and financial support present in your world. Stay focused on a long-term vision, by next month you’ll be ready to make bold moves. Events this month are setting in motion an 18 month phase of transformation. For a more personal in-depth look at your chart email me at to schedule a Consultation. I look forward to working with you!

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