Juno in Sagittarius squares Eros in Virgo

Welcome back! It was Labor Day here in the US, that is exactly what I did — “labored.” My friend Paul left on the weekend and I must admit it was a little hard getting back to reality. It’s interesting how some people can flow through your life and its just easy without having to try at all. But there are others that you can give your heart and soul to and vice versa, but somehow the two ends never meet. Like quicksand, the harder you try the deeper you sink.

In aspects today, Juno in Sagittarius squares Eros in Virgo. Both planets are now at the mid-points of mutable signs and squares represent a much needed balance. Juno, was the wife of Jupiter and represents the qualities of a “traditional marriage,” a combination of Libra and Scorpio energies.

This can be seen in her marriage to Jupiter in which she suffered many of his trysts and sexual exploits with other Goddesses but stood by him loyally. Juno astrologically can represent what we can call the bone of contention between partners and could represent the one thing that stands in the way of a relationship being utterly fulfilling.

Also Eros is now in Virgo, suggesting we may be inclined to be rather analytical about what or who or why it is we desire what we desire. As the planets square each other, we need to be careful of overly critical tendencies and the ability to find fault in a situation. Juno is also now closely conjunct the Great Attractor, magnifying the good, bad and ugliness in relationships, displaying truth on a rather large screen.

Eros is now also in a close trine with Vesta in Taurus there can now be earthy, grounding and healing if we are able to give selflessly to that which we so desire. With Juno on the GA, we may find it impossible to ignore the glaringly obvious disparities within a situation. At this time, perhaps what we need to seek is not answers but an acceptance and acknowledgment that nobody is perfect. The triple conjunction in Libra, with Mercury in between Venus and Mars suggests it may indeed be a thing of the “mind” or an idea that keeps us apart.

Perhaps we don’t need to move heaven and earth to justify our desire for something. If the choice was between being right or being happy, which would you choose?

— Priya Kale, NYC


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== Aspects courtesy www.serennu.com

Tuesday 02 September 2008

07:26:35 UT – Sun (10 vi 12’3″) square Pallas (10 ge 12’3″)
09:25:20 UT – Thereus stations retrograde (25 ta 39’45”)
11:46:06 UT – Mercury (5 li 47’38”) sextile Ceres (5 le 47’38”)
14:11:24 UT – Mercury (5 li 55’17”) opposite Bienor (5 ar 55’17” Rx)
18:35:36 UT – Ceres (5 le 54’50”) trine Bienor (5 ar 54’50” Rx)
19:06:13 UT – Psyche (20 sc 16’10”) trine Varuna (20 cn 16’10”)
19:25:29 UT – Mercury (6 li 11’46”) sextile Pholus (6 sa 11’46”)
20:21:37 UT – Juno (15 sa 43’1″) square Eros (15 vi 43’1″)

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